5 stan quick tour

5 Stan Quick Tour 5 stan Central Asia tour in 12 days TOUR DETAILS Period All around a year Tour length 12 days / 11 nights Price from 1498 USD / person ( in a group of 6 participants) Tour dates in 2023 Interested in seeing all the 5 Central Asian Stans in a short …

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Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan tour

Hidden Treasures of Central Asia 12 days Tour to Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan TOUR DETAILS Period March – October Tour length 12 days / 11 nights Price of the tour 2955 USD / person SCHEDULED ARRIVAL DATES IN 2024 ​​ Group #1: 01.05-12.05 – Scheduled Group #2: 04.09-15.09 – Scheduled Group #3: 02.10-13.10 – Scheduled Kyrgyzstan …

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Five Stans of Central Asia Tour

The Five Stans of Central Asiatour in 15 days Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan and Kazakhstan Tour TOUR DETAILS Period May – October Tour length 15 days / 14 nights Price 3595 USD / person SCHEDULED ARRIVAL DATES IN 2024 Group #1: 12.04-26.04 – guaranteedGroup #2: 17.05-31.05 – guaranteedGroup #3: 31.05-14.06 – scheduledGroup #4: 06.09-20.09 – …

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Nature tour around Almaty

Nature tour around Almaty 6 days Nature tour around Almaty Tour Details Period All year round Tour length and Participants6 Days / 2 – 10 pax Price from 970 $ / person Tour plan The alpine lakes near Almaty will offer you a fantastic experiences. You will visit Almaty, the “southern capital” of Kazakhstan and enjoy the beautiful …

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Kazakhstan horseback riding tour

Kazakhstan horseback riding tour 9 days horseback riding tour in Kazakhstan Tour Details Period mid-June to mid-September Tour length and Participants9 days / 7 days of horseback riding Price from 2800 USD / person Tour Highlights During this tour, you will see how the landscape changes at different altitudes, and how conifer forests and alpine …

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Kazakstan lakes and seas

Kazakhstan Seas and Lakes lakes and seas of Kazakhstan Kazakhstan offers unique lakes and seas for those who enjoy beach tourism, fishing, hiking to an alpine lake, or observing birds. Northern Kazakhstan holds most of the lake about 45%. While central Kazakhstan along with the southern part of the country has 36% and 19% of …

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Kazakhstan ski resorts

Kazakhstan ski resorts Skiing resorts in Kazakhstan The vast land of Kazakstan stretches for thousands of kilometers, from the Volga steppes to the Mongolian border and from the Central Asian deserts to the Siberian taiga with diverse landscapes offers various activities. Kazakhstan holds half a dozen ski resorts located in mountainous areas in the north …

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Kenesary Kasymov

Kenesary Kasymov Kenesary Kasymov (1802-1847) Kenesary Kasymov was the last Kazakh Khan and last ruler of the Kazakh Khanate. He was the grandson of Ablai Khan, who did not share these principles. Kenesary was the first Kazakh nationalist who raised the people of the steppe in their fight for independence. He fought for his country’s freedom, …

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