4 days winter horse riding tour to Son Kul

4 days Winter Horse riding tour to Son Kul



If you are a fan of winter horseback riding and a little bit of extreme, the winter Son Kul horseback riding tour, starting from Bishkek, is for you. During the 2 day horseback riding you will pass from Kyzart to Son Kul and overnight in a yurt by the frozen lake. Be ready for magnificent views and sometimes extreme conditions while moving at the pass. Ride horse on snowy mountains; sleep in bozui, a traditional yurt of the Kyrgyz people.

  • Visit Burana Tower.
  • Sleeping experience in a traditional Kyrgyz boz-ui (yurt)
  • Extreme horse riding to Song-Kol lake
  • Drive through Too-Ashuu pass on the Bishkek-Osh international highway
4 days Winter Horse riding tour to Son Kul
4 days Winter Horse riding tour to Son Kul


Day 1Transfer to Kochkor. Visit Burana Tower.Gueshouse
Day 2Drive to Kyzart village. Start horse riding to Song-Kol lakeYurt
Day 3Continue horse riding back to Kyzart village. Transfer to Kyzyl-Oi village.Guesthouse
Day 4Transfer to Bishkek 

Upon your arrival in Manas International airport in Bishkek, our guide team will meet you and drive to Kochkor village. As you make your way to the east out of the city, we will stop to visit the famous archaeological and architectural complex “Burana Tower”. Here you will learn about the history of the renaissance of Islamic culture during the Khara-Khanid Khanate – a powerful state of Turkic tribes in Central Asia on the X-XII centuries.

Afterwards you will have a lunch at the local authentic café with a local famous food “kattama”. On the second half of the day, you will continue your trip to the village of Kochkor where you will stay in a local guesthouse. Get a good rest before your extreme winter horseback riding to Song-Kol Lake.

Enjoy a leisurely breakfast at the guesthouse and early transfer to Kyzart village where your 2 days horse-riding journey will start. After a brief demonstration of horse riding, you will set off on journey on horse towards to Kilemche pasture, following Chaar-Archa River. You will make a stop at the river for picnic then continue horse riding towards mountains then begin to ascend slowly to Tuz-Ashuu pass (3400 m). 

Covered in snow, the pass is often difficult to reach, but after reaching the top, you will have a panoramic view of the whole Son Kul lake and the valley. After a while enjoying the view and giving a break for the horses, you will slowly descent to Chon-Tuz-Ashuu Valley. Upon your arrival at yurt by the lake, you will have a cup of hot tea. After you will be warm up with tea, until the dinner you can spend the remainder of the day exploring mountains. Get ready to spend your first night in a yurt!

Wake up at yurt and have your breakfast before you leave Song Kol Lake. Today we will ride back to the village of Kyzart. Horseback riding back down to the village will be easier and faster because we won’t need to climb the pass like on the first day and the horses want to get to the village as soon as possible after a cold night on the lake. When we reach the pass, we will say goodbye to the lake and begin the descend down into the valley. 

We will then let the horses head towards the village and enjoy a smooth ride to the destination where a hot lunch will be waiting for us. After lunch, we have a car transfer to the village of Kyzyl-Oi. It will be amazing to look out of the car window at the pass from where we just descended from. By the evening, we will arrive in Kyzyl-Oi village and overnight in a guesthouse.

Today we will drive back to Bishkek through a different road than we used during arrival. After breakfast, make your way back across beautiful and fascinating Too-Ashuu pass (3360 m). It is a pass from the Suusamur valley to Chui Valley, with serpentine roads on both sides of it and the views on the pass are truly an amazing. 

After a couple of minutes stop to enjoy the view from the pass, you will drive down and go further through a gorge to Bishkek. Finally, we are in Bishkek and go to have a lunch. On the second half of the day, it is time to explore the capital: visit Osh bazaar for souvenir shopping and Main Square Ala-Too of the capital city.



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Tour updated 29.11.2022

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