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The benefits of your trip are donated to the organization Women Rockin’ Pamirs to pursue the professional development of women in Tajikistan. This tour requires good physical condition for long trekking.
This family trek is the opportunity to go on an adventure at children’s pace, discover Fan mountains’ beauty and bond with local people. The international and Tajik guides come with their children, this allows for an international playdate and a more cultural exchange. The presence of a guide trainee enables the guides to focus on safety and the smooth running of the trip. We will be accompanied by donkeys to have light backpacks and let children rest on the donkeys’ backs when tired 

Tour Itinerary

Arrive in Dushanbe and way to the North and reach the Alauddin alpine hut. On the way up the Chapdara valley, we will cross beautiful small mountain villages. This is a 5-hour drive. The night in an alpine hut.

Today we will walk up in the Alauddin valley, on the way we will stop next to Piola lake (2900m). The group will be able to split into 2 groups depending on how we feel. It is possible to go on for a steep ascend up to Mutnii lake (3540m) and discover the mineral and icy highest mountains of the Fans range: peak Chimtarga and peak Energiya. This hike contributes to our acclimatization to altitude (3-6 hours).

We will meet our donkeys and their handlers and start hiking towards Kulikalon lake. Depending on our acclimatisation and mood we will either cross through Alauddin pass (3800m) or Laudin pass (3600m) to join the next valley where Kulikalon lake is located. This is a seven-hour journey. We will arrive at the stunning blue Kulikalon lake where we will set up our tents.

We take advantage of a full day near this shinning lake to rest, discover the surroundings where local people bring their herds during the summer. At this time of the year, we may see them in transhumance (arriving from the villages below). We will also organise activities for children, according to their age, to learn to read maps and orient themselves. We will spend the night camping in tents

With our donkeys, we will go down the valley to join Artuch alpine hut (2150m), a beautiful wooden house that was built for alpinists during the Soviet Union. We will have a late lunch there. We will then hike up for 1 hour to Chukurak lake where we will set up our tents. This is a 5-hour journey.

Initially, the trail climbs steeply for about 2 hours or 250 meters of altitude gain; then we will remain roughly at the same altitude until Igrok pass (2640m). We will cross several shepherd summer settlements where we may be invited for tea or yoghurt. From the pass, we will have a steep but lovely descent towards Guitan village and Zimtud village. We will stay overnight in a homestay in Zimtud for a good rest and have the opportunity to discover local life in Tajik mountain villages.

We will hike on the well-maintained dirt track road. It’s an easy but long way with plenty of occasions for resting: friendly mountain villages, shepherds, etc. Then, we will cross a bridge, and enter dramatic gorges where the road turned into a trail; we will camp just after the gorges widen. This is about a 4-hour journey. We will spend the night in tents

As we enter the Archamaidan valley, the route gives a taste of true wilderness with gorges, summer settlements and whilst the valley widen the snowy peaks of the Dukdon range become visible. This day is easy and a lot of beautiful spots offer enjoyable places for rest, take pictures, enjoy the landscape and let children play

We will cross the bridge and climb up through a juniper forest. While the valley widens, we arrive at a breathtaking point: a shepherd camp and in the back the impressive glaciers under the Sarykhodan mountain (4679m), our lunch spot. We will pursue our climb following the river until our camping spot, a beautiful pasture. From this charming corner, we can see tomorrow target: Dukdon pass and massive peaks around us covered by snow. This is a 5-hour hike.

Intense day: altitude, long day, impressive views! We will reach the highest point of our travel: Dukdon pass at 3810m. From our camping spot, a straightforward but regular trail will bring us to snowfields and glaciers up to the pass. A true taste of high mountains, but safe. When the children tire, they will be able to rest on a donkey. We will take a few pictures and continue our way down to reach a beautiful pasture with a lot of wild alpine flowers for a good rest. We will continue for another big hour our way down until our camping spot; pastoral landscape next to a small river. This can be 5 to 6 hours long.

Depending on our mood and level of tiredness we will either go straight down to the Karakul river through a steep 400m descent or take a neighbouring pass that would bring us more comfortably to the Karakul river. We will follow the Sarytag river until we see on the opposite side of the river the massive Kirk-Shaytan rock mountain and below Sarytag village. This is a 5-hour journey, and we will terminate our travel in the lovely Dilovar’s homestay.

Comfortable 4-wheel cars wait for us to take us back to Dushanbe. On the way down, we will stop at Iskandarkul, an emblematic lake and cross beautiful small mountain villages. In Dushanbe, we say goodbye and plan new adventures! This is about a 4-hour drive.

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