Fortress Kalai Mir

Fortress Kalai Mir

Mir Kalai Fortress lies in the Qabodiyon town, 40 km from Jilikul and 80 km from Qurgonteppa. The fortress origins back to Achaemenid times. Approaching the fortress you can view it from the main road getting into the town. There is no obstacle with access. You can get there climbing up the short slope behind the Cafe Takht-i Sangin and on the left from the road entering the town. 

The fortress includes several hectares and some of the walls and gatehouses remain. Some holes leading down to cells. The fortress was the seat of the local beks for centuries. Red Army attacked the last bek when he disappeared, presumably in Afghanistan in 1921. Russian archaeologists excavated the site in the 1950s, with most of the discoveries shifter to St. Petersburg.

Qabodiyon Town

Mir Kala Fortress lies in the town of Qabodiyon. The name of the town comes from Kaboti Shah nor or Kabot the Builder, a mythological king in Firdousi’s Shahnameh, who is claimed to have lived here. The town is well laid-out, irrigated fields surrounding it with a range of hills to the east. In front of the Cafe Takht-i Sangin stands a house with a small field, next to a garage. On the side of the house is a lane, with a blue door after 20 m leading to the house and field. This is a private house believed to be the birthplace of the great medieval poet, theologian and traveler, Nasir Khusraw. If you want to see it, you can ask the owner to show you.  Next is a building used as a shelter with thick walls. Soviet archaeologists assumed it could have been part of a royal palace dating from Khusraw’s time. You can ask the owner Nuratullo to show you the remains of what remains of a gumbaz, with some ancient plasterwork. There is an interesting museum of four rooms, with exhibits from the Kala-i Mir, Takht-i Sangin, one devoted to Nasir Khusraw, and one to local daily life. The staff is helpful and pleased to see visitors.


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