Uzbekistan Fergana Valley tour

Uzbekistan Fergana Valley Tour



Fergana Valley is the cradle of Uzbekistan with the most nutritious land, rich culture and most hospitable people. During this tour, you will learn of the Uzbek ceramic culture, handmade wool carpet-making and fabric production communities and discover the gems of ancient cities of Uzbekistan. After Fergana valley, we visit the very well known medieval, historical cities of Uzbekistan along the major rivers of Uzbekistan.

Uzbekistan Fergana Valley Tour
Fergana Valley tour


Pick up from the airport & transfer to the hotel for rest & freshen up. Half day city tour.

Visit the architectural complex Khazret-Imam including Barak-khan Medressa (15-16th cc.) with lots of masters in their master-shops for making local souvenirs & wooden materials & handicrafts. Then visit Chorsu (Eski Juva) old bazaar (2nd – 1st century B.C.) to see the process of masters’ work in the local master-shops. Transfer to Abulqosim madrassah to see the process of masters’ work in their master-shops.

Lunch & Dinner at own. 17.00 End of tour & transfer to the hotel for rest. Overnight in Tashkent

06.00 Enjoy breakfast at your hotel’s restaurant.
07.00 Transfer to Tashkent railway station to take Tashkent – Kokand train (08.07-12.13). The parallel steep road which connects Fergana Valley with the rest of Uzbekistan runs via picturesque mountain pass Kamchik (2267 m. above the sea level).

The first stop will be in the city of Kokand where you will visit the Khudoyar-Khan Palace, Jami Mosque, Kamol-Kazy Madrasah, and Norbut-biy Madrasah. Continue driving to Fergana city (80 km). Visit Akhmad Al-Fergani Park in Fergana. Check in to the hotel.

Lunch & Dinner at own. Overnight in Ferghana.

06.00 Enjoy breakfast at your hotel’s restaurant.

 In the morning, drive from Fergana to Margilan and visit Said Akhmad-Khoja Madrasah. Today, madrasah is home to a number of craftsmen producing handmade carpets and silk. Have a walk on traditional market and continue to Yodgorlik Silk factory to see the production process of silk with traditional Ikat patterns. If it is Thursday or Sunday, visit Kumtepa Bazaar, the largest market in Fergana Valley.

Drive to Rishtan to the house of a well known ceramic master Rustam Usmanov whose works are exhibited on world exhibitions. Enjoy a pottery workshop and have a look at ceramic collection in a small museum. Continue to the house of craftsman Bakhrom-aka to visit a traditional Kyrgyz family manufacturing wool carpets. End of tour & transfer to Margilan railway station to take Margilan – Tashkent train (16.48-21.38). After arrival Tashkent, transfer to the hotel for Check in. 

Lunch & Dinner
 at own. Overnight in Tashkent.

Early Buffet breakfast at your hotel’s restaurant & Check out. After breakfast transfer to Tashkent Domestic airport to take morning flight of Tashkent – Urgench. Arrival Urgench & transfer to Khiva (about 20 minutes drive). Full day city tour in Ichan Kala, inner town of old Khiva

Visit: Ichon-Qala Gates & Walls, Mohammed Amin Khan Medressa – 1850sKalta Minor minaretKukhna ArkMohamed Rakhim Khan Medressa, Sayid Alauddin Mausoleum & Music Museum, Juma Mosque & around. Mosque is interesting for the 218 wooden columns supporting its roof. The few finely decorated columns are from 10th century mosque. Continue city tour & Arabhana Medressa – 17th c., Dost Alyam Medressa, Abdulla Khan Medressa – 1855, Aq Mosque – 1657, Anusha Khan baths, Alloquli Khan Medressa – 1835, Kutlimurodinok Medressa – 1809, Caravansarai, Tosh-Kholy Palace – 1832, Islom-Huja Medressa 1910. Pahlavon Mohammed Mausoleum & Sherghozi Khan Medressa – 1326, Dishon-Qala -1906. 16.00 End of tour & transfer to the hotel for Check in & rest. 

Lunch & Dinner
 at own. Overnight in Khiva

7.00 in the morning am Breakfast at your hotel’s restaurant. 8.00 in the morning after the breakfast we will visit Ichan Kala old town to see the remaining places of interest or do some shopping.

12.00 check out formalities. After lunch drive to Bukhara (about 490km & 5-6 hours drive). On the way view of Kizil Kum deserts, Amudarya river, canals, camels, villages, towns & life of local people. After arrival Bukhara, transfer to the hotel for Check in & rest. 

Lunch & Dinner at own. Overnight in Bukhara

07.00 Enjoy buffet breakfast at your hotel’s restaurant. 08.00 Bukhara city tour. Visiting the Samanids mausoleum (IX – X c.), Chashma Ayyub complex (XIV c.), Bolo Hauz mosque (1712). Then visit Ark Citadel (Early Residence of Bukhara Emirs). Tea break at Bukhara Silk carpet showroom for short info about Bukhara carpets history.

Continue tour & visit Complex Poi Kalon (Beneath the Great): Kalon Minaret (12th c.), Kalon Mosque (12th c.) and Miri Arab Medressa (16th c.), Ulugbeg Medressa (15th c.); Abdulaziz Khan Medressa (17th c.); Magoki-Attari Mosque (10-16th cc.); Toki Zargaron, Toki-Sarrafon, Toki-Tilpak-Furushon – shopping mall (15th – 16th c.), Chor Minar complex. Lyabi-Hauz ensemble: Khanaka and madrassah of Nadir Divan-Beghi (1620); Kukeldash Madrassah (Kulba-Kukeldash) (1568-69). 16.00. End of city tour & transfer to to the hotel. 

Lunch & Dinner at own. Overnight in Bukhara

07.00-09.00 Early buffet breakfast at your hotel’s restaurant.

09.00 Check out from hotel & half-day tour in Bukhara suburbs and visit Gijduvan pottery village to see the process of making pottery stuff. Then visit Chor-Minor Madrasah (1807), Sitorai Mokhi-Khosa (XIX-XX) – summer residence of Bukhara’s last emir, Mausoleum of Bakhouddin Naqshbandi (XVI). 14.00. 14.00 End of tour & transfer to railway station.

15.50 Depart to Samarkand by bullet train Afrosiyab (about 215km & for 1.5 hours in train)

17.20 Arrival to Samarkand & transfer to the hotel for Check in.

Lunch & Dinner at own. Overnight in Samarkand

07.00 Early buffet breakfast at your hotel’s restaurant.
09.00 Excursion in Samarkand (full day): First of all visit Mausoleum of Imam al Bukhari (810-880y.) – one of the famous Muhaddises (Hadis writer) in Islamic World. Later visit Guri Emir Mausoleum (Tamerlane’sTomb) (14-15th cc.), Ruhabad Mausoleum (House of Spirit) (14th c.), Registan Square (A sandy place) including: Ulughbek Medressa (15th c.), Sher-Dor Medressa (Having tigers) (17th c.) & Tillya-Kari Medressa (Coated by gold) (17th c.). Then visit Hazret-Hyzr Mosque (19th c.), The architectural complex Shah i Zinda (Alive king) (11-19th cc.), Ulugbek Observatory (15th c.), Cathedral mosque Bibi-Khanym (14th c.) & Siyab bazaar for shopping.
18.00 End of tour & transfer to the hotel. 

Lunch & Dinner at own. Overnight in Samarkand

07.00 Enjoy buffet breakfast at your hotel’s restaurant. 
09.00 Transfer to Shahrisabz by comfortable minivan. 10.30

Arrival Shahrisabz & Start city tour by visiting Ak Saray Palace (White Palace) & Amir Temur monument. Continue city tour & visit Dorussiadat Burial Complex & Doruttilavat Complex. After lunch drive back to Samarkand & transfer to Samarkand railway station to take Samarkand-Tashkent Afrosiyob bullet train (at 17.00pm starts, about 300km & for 2 hours in train) 

 End of tour & depart to Tashkent by bullet train Afrosiyab (2 hours) transfer to the hotel. 

Lunch & Dinner at own. Overnight in Samarkand

07.00 Enjoy buffet breakfast at your hotel’s restaurant. 10.30 Check out formalities & transfer to Tashkent International Airport for departure flight.


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Tour updated 30.1.2023

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