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You can also contact us any time through Facebook messenger, WhatsApp or Telegram and we will answer you promptly.

Interested in our Central Asia tours or products? Any questions?

Don’t hesitate to contact us if you want to ask about the tours or other products in Central Asia Guide. 

We are happy to help with all the questions concerning your travel plans in Central Asia.

Interested in collaboration?

We are looking constantly for new content, collaboration and destinations to be added to Central Asia Guide

Do you have a tourism service that you would like to add to Central Asia Guide? If so, please contact us.

We also reckon that the world is changing continuously and keeping up with all the changes in Central Asia is a tough task. We would appreciate if you let us know of any errors or not up to date information in our site. Thanks!

Central Asia Guide Offices

If you are already residing in one of the Central Asian countries, you can come and meet us or our representatives in one of our local offices.

Central Asia Guide Bishkek Office

Our Bishkek office is located in Yousup Abdrakhmanova 252, north from the city center. Our local representative Saltanat will welcome you and answer all your questions.

Bishkek office opening hours:
Mon: 12-18
Tue: 12-18
Wed: 12-18
Thu: 12-18
Fri: 12-18
Sat: 10-16
Sun: Closed

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