what to Do in Kyrgyzstan

Horseback Riding

Kyrgyzstan mountains makes the country a perfect destination for horseback riding and experiencing nomad lifestyle. Here are some best places for a horse riding adventure.

Explore Bazars in Kyrgyzstan

Bazaars are the perfect place to observe the life of the locals. Here life boils and they have always been the heart of any Central Asian city. This crowded market offers a certain flavor of the life of Kyrgyz people.


Swim in the Alpine Lakes

Standing as far away from any sea or ocean Kyrgyzstan has its little pearls, about 2000 alpine lakes which are home to thousands of rivers and streams. When you trek up to the mountains those stunning lakes attract you to swim and be ready for cold alpine lake waters. 

Hike to the highest Shaar waterfall in Central Asia

Kyrgyzstan is one of the water-rich countries in Central Asia due to its massive amount of glacials that originates the revers and waterfalls spread around the country.  400m waterfall Shaar is the highest waterfall in Central Tian Shan that surrounded by amazing nature. 

Learn about Kyrgy crafts

Apart from nature and adventure-related activities in Kyrgyzstan, you shall get to know Kyrgyz crafts that are closely related to Kyrgyz history where the Silk Road played an essential role. In the nomadic culture, the felt was a primary fabric to make crafted carpets and marvel at the yurt’s interior decoration. Learn about how 

Visit Saimaluu Tash Petroglyphs

Kyrgyzstan has several sites with ancient petroglyphs. Saimaluu Tash is the most impressive and covers located in an open airfield. Saimaluu Tash petroglyphs are listed on the World Heritage List and are under the protection of UNESCOThe stones contain different types of images like single symbols as well as several pictures displayed as a story or event. 

Trek to Tulpar Kol

Tulpar Kol is one of the several small but marvelous alpine lakes South of Sary-Mogol village in the Alai valley at an altitude of 3500 m in the mountains of the Trans-Alai Range. Certainly do a day hike to the lake and enjoy the beauty of the lake. Tulpar-Kul is a favorite destination for tourists and climbers visiting the Alai Valley. On clear days, the panorama of one of the highest peaks of the Pamir-Alai – Lenin Peak  is reflected on the water surface of the lake. 

Watch or play Kyrgyz Game

Although Kyrgyz people became semi-nomad by the 20th century, they have preserved a large part of their traditions and nomadic heritage, including some games that are still quite popular today. Join and play national games to test your strengths and earn new experiences. However, some games like Kok Boru (national football) might be quite rough for the new player. 

Relax in Altyn Arashan hot spring

Do you want to try to bath in an open-air pool in winter surrounded by a picturesque scenery? Then head to Altyn Arashan hot springs. At the height of 3000 meters from sea level there are several hot springs where the water is collected into either outside pools or inside wooden cabins. The hot springs can be reached by hiking along the Arashan river along the Western side of the valley or by a rugged 4 wheel drive jeep.

Walk in Bishkek parks

One of the things that makes Bishkek such a charming city is the plenty of greenery. Bishkek streets are orderly built in a grid, lined with trees, providing shade in the hot summer days. Go for a peaceful walk, sit on the benches, watch fountains and get ice-cream. If you have children best to go to amusement parks like Panfilov park.

Stay in the yurt

Experience nomadic life and learn how Kyrgyz people have lived for generations. Yurt is a nomadic dwelling used mostly by Kyrgyz, Kazakh and Mongol people. In Kyrgyzstan, it is referred to as “Booz Yi” which translates as a grey house. Stying in the yurt is going to be an unforgettable experience in touch with nature and nomadic culture. 


Visit 10th-century Karakhanid empire Burana Tower

 Visit of Burana tower site, on the ruins of the ancient Karakhanid’s capital, Balasagyn that ruled the area about 1000 years ago. The tower is part of an old mosque and it served as one of the minarets of it. The city was destroyed by Mongol hordes and the Burana tower sustained heavy damage in soviet times but was reconstructed during the 1970s. There is a small museum worth visiting nearby the tower where guides can tell more about the history of the place.

Ski in Karakol Ski Base

Ski at Karakol Ski Base, one of the most popular in the country ski bases. Its altitude is 2300m and it is 7 km from Karakol city. The ski resort has ropeways and ski runs of different levels of complexity what is good for the professionals as for the beginners. 

Discover origins of Kyrgyz epoch

Learn about the birthplace of Manas the Magnanimous, who is the hero of the Kyrgyz epoch and people consider Talas region being the cradle of Kyrgyz culture. “The Land of Manas” and indeed the region has a lot of places related to the legend. For instance the Gumbez (mausoleum) of Manas in the regional center or Manas Ordo is an entire complex dedicated to the legendary hero Manas. 

Swim in the Salt lake

Do you want to just float and read the newspaper in the water? Fo to Tuz-Lake on the South-West side of Issyk Kul. The lake is a highly saline lake getting its water from saline groundwater which is then being evaporated and the salt is being left in the lake. You can also coat yourself with the sulfur-rich black mud (you can tell also by the smell). Some believe that it acts as a mud bath and can improve your skin. 

Try rafting in Kekemeren River

Kyrgyzstan has a lot of fast running rivers, perfect for extreme sport like rafting. At the edges of the Kekemeren river, in the northwest of Naryn region about a 250 km drive from Bishkek between the Suusamur and Son Kul areas located an excellent spot for rafting. Most rafting enthusiasts come from the capital here for rafting purposes. Rafting in the river can be dangerous due to the fact that the river is very strong and therefore it requires prior experience from rafting.

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