Festivals in Kyrgyzstan

Festivals & events in Kyrgyzstan

The Kyrgyz people express their cultural heritage through a variety of festivals, each providing a distinct insight into their traditions and way of life. These cultural festivals also play a vital role in Kyrgyzstan’s tourism activities. These popular festivals celebrate decorative and applied arts, culinary skills, folklore, felt crafts, bird hunting, and equestrian games. Below, we delve of the most renowned and vibrant festivals in Kyrgyzstan.

*The festival dates provided are preliminary and are subject to change. It’s advisable to double-check the dates and locations before making any final private travel arrangements.

When possible, taking into account the timing and itinerary, we will include taking part in the festivals as a part of our Kyrgyzstan Tours and the Central Asia Tours.

Popular festivals & events in Kyrgyzstan

Walnut festival in Arslanbob with running competition

Display of photographs, sale of local handicrafts, folklore performance, children’s wrestling, and donkey racing. There is even a running competition organized in the forest.

Arslanbob village, Jalalabat Region | October 2024


Walnuts gathered in Arslanbob

Bike Challenge by CBT Arslanbob

Embark on an extraordinary journey with us to discover the breathtaking landscapes. Immerse yourself in a one-of-a-kind mountain adventure that awaits. Experience an authentic Kyrgyz-Uzbek folklore extravaganza.

Arslanbob village, Jalalabat Region | May 2024


mountain biking tour in kyrgyzstan

Festival “Kurak, terme, saima and oimo”

Showcasing traditional craftsmanship: kurak, saima, and terme.

Barpy village, Jalalabat Region | end of June


Bata blessing is a part of Kyrgyz culture

National Horse Games and Birds of Prey Festival by CBT Tamchy

Presenting the art of hunting with a Golden Eagle, showcasing Kyrgyz national games Ulak-Tartysh and Tyiyn-Enmei.

Tamchy village, northern lakeshore of Issyk-Kul lake | August 8th 2024


Horse riding in Kyrgyzstan

Birds of Prey Festival by CBT Bokonbaevo

Showcasing Golden Eagle hunting, presenting a folklore performance, exhibiting and selling handicrafts and souvenirs, offering a taste of Kyrgyz cuisine.

Jaichy yurt camp, southern lakeshore of Issyk-Kul Lake, near Kok-Sai Village | August


Kyrgyzstan eagle hunting with mountains in the background

National Uzbek cuisine festival by CBT Jalalabad

Cooking and showcasing Uzbek cuisine in Kyrgyzstan.

Jalalabad, Jalalabat Region | August


Uzgen plov in Osh

Nomad Games Festival

Games dedicated to Children’s Day and beshil boloo (The “beshik” tradition, over two millennia old, involves placing a newborn in a cradle. This custom includes the rite of the first swaddling. In times lacking optimal conditions for weather extremes, the beshik played a vital role in safeguarding the baby’s health). The event also displays national musical songs, national games like bow shooting, arkan-tartmai & kol kurosh. An event about Kyrgyz kochmon (The life of a nomadic people who do not settle and move from one place to another) is also organized and the event is finished by Er enish & Ulak Tartysh games.

Kyzyl Kol village, Sary Chelek, Jalalabat Region | 1st of June 2024

Yurt in Kyrgyzstan

Jaichy agro festival 2024

This event includes a Kyrgyzs Folklore show, wool and crafts classes and a sheep shearing display accompanied by wool sorting, yarn thread and hand weaving. The agro event is followed by a fashion show during the lunc and follewed by milking master class with goat and cow milking and demonstrations of dairy milk products production. 

Jaichy village, Issyk Kul south side | 6th of July 2024

women milking mare

Kyzyl Oi Kyrgyz national horse games

This event lasts all day and even till the night. It starts with a yurt building demonstration and Beshike-Salmai; Kyrgyz ceremony of introducing a baby to the cradle. These are followed by Tushoo Kizme; Kyrgyz tradition celebrated when a child begins to walk so that he/she will walk well, and a folklore show; Traditional singing and dancing, and telling of the ancient epos “Manas “

After lunch there will be a short walk to the horse games location at the start of the village followed by the start of the horse games with “Ulak Tartysh (Улак Тартыш)” also known as Kok Boru; a mixture between polo and rugby. In the afternoon there are “Oodarysh (Оодарыш)”; wrestling to get the opponent off his horse, “Tyin Enmei (Тыйын Эңмей)”; picking up coins (=Tyin) wrapped in scarfs from a galloping horse and the “Kyz Kyymai (Кыз куумай)”; a guy galopping after a girl in order to kiss her (or get whipped by her if he fails)

The evening begins with dinner in уurts and traditional games: Arkan-Tartmay, Tchaka-Tchapmai and Kol-Kurosh. A disco will last till the midnight with a bonfire.

Kyzyl Oi village | 7th of July 2024

Kopkari (Horse polo)

Festivals in other Central Asian countries

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