What to do in Turkmenistan

What to Do in Turkmenistan

Camp near the Gas Crater Darvaza

 “Door to Hell” or ”Gates of Hell” Darvaza is the most mysterious place in Turkmenistan. Grab camping equipment and enjoy sleeping in the desert next to the huge flame. At night you can see the reddish light or flames from the ground in the distance and a distant rumble presages the crater. Igniting flames and fireballs across its deep hole, like a small volcano, the hole is best viewed at night.

Visit Horse stables, national pride Akhal Teke Horse

Akhal Teke horses have been honored in Turkmen’s traditional songs, proverbs, and poems. Their intellect, wisdom, and devotion to human beings are all legendary. Akhal-Teke is a Turkmen pride horse breed that has a fame for speed, intelligence, and strength of long hikes. You can take a horse ride and test their speed and strengths. 

See Ashgabat's marble palaces, shining gold domes and large polished streets

Take a walk through the main streets of Ashgabat city. This wealthy city has a lot to amaze you, it is packed with marble palaces, shining gold domes, and large expanses of polished streets. 

The city has been listed in the Guinness Book of Records several times as a city with the largest number of buildings, finished with white marble.


Learn about Parthian Fortress of Nisa

Although today it just ruins, back in past it was a huge fortress royal necropolis of the Parthian kings. Excavations at Nisa have exposed large buildings, mausoleums and shrines, many recorded documents and a stolen treasury.


Relax in Awaza Resorts

Awaza is the most famous sea resort center of Turkmenistan, located about 8 km west of Turkmenbashi city center. It stands out onto the open waters of the Caspian Sea. During the summertime, the beach cottages luxury hotels are packed with wealthy Turkmen.


Camp at the colourful Yangykala canyon

Yangykala Canyon is a stunning sight and one of the most thrilling natural attractions in Turkmenistan that contains a line of colorful rocks across the valley. You can stay here for a night with your camping equipment on the plateau above the canyon. 


Visit ruined Konye-Urgench that once was proud of the country

Konya-Urgench is an ancient capital of the prosperous Khorezm empire and part of the Achaemenid Empire. Visit the town to observe survived elements of ancient mausoleums and minarets that prove the power and fame Urgench once possessed. The monuments testify outstanding achievements in architecture and craftsmanship of which influence reached Iran and Afghanistan and later the architecture of the Mogul Empire of 16th century India. 

Swim in the underground cave of Kow-Ata

Swim in the Baharden underground cave that is famous for the healing properties of the water inside. There has been a large colony of bats inside the cave that was thought to be the largest bat colony of Central Asia, but lately, their amount has been decreasing rapidly. 


Visit Road ruins Dekistan

Dekhistan was once a flourishing Silk Road state whose great capital Misrian equaled Merv and Konye-Urgench. From the 9th century, its capital was the city of Misrian. It was once a flourishing trade city that sustained some 3,000 years of civilization. In its heyday, Dekhistan was a prosperous and strategically located urban center along a caravan route between the ancient realms of Khoresm, an oasis region in Central Asia, and Hyrcania, located southeast of the Caspian Sea in present-day Iran.


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