Your guide to Central Asia
Your guide to Central Asia
Your guide to Central Asia
Your guide to Central Asia
Your guide to Central Asia
Your guide to Central Asia
Your guide to Central Asia

Central Asia offers a variety of unique experiences from ancient cities to culture and nature together with modern activities

Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan are emerging one by one as promising destinations especially for off-the-beaten track adventures. Central Asian countries have a lot in common after being all part of the Soviet Union and parts of different ancient cultures in the history but have all their own distinct cultures and offer a lot of unique experiences for travelers.

Central Asian destinations
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Featured destination

Shar waterfall

Shar waterfall is the largest waterfall in all Central Asia boasting with its 400 m total height including the cascades. The highest free falling part of the waterfall is 200 meters high. This place has been only recently rediscovered by tourists!

Bash Kaindy waterfall in the Naryn region inside the Bash Kaindy gorge
Shar waterfall in the Bash Kaindy gorge in Naryn region in Kyrgyzstan

explore Almaty?

Almaty is the most metropolitan city in Central Asia and offers a lot to see just by walking around the city. Take a tour with the metro to reach the further places as well.

Why Visit Central Asia

Central Asia has been the melting pot of different cultures for thousands of years and has developed its own culture with differences between the Stans. If you enjoy ancient cities and marvelous mountainous nature, Central Asia is a must visit for you.

How to move around

All Central Asian countries except for Turkmenistan are fairly open to Western travelers. Tourists can easily move between the countries. 

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