Mangystay 7 days tour

Fixed date 7 days tour to Mangistau

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You’ll visit 17 of the most visited and remarkable locations, ranging from geological wonders to historical sites and picturesque landscapes. The journey will cover approximately 810 km on-road an 700 km off-road, providing a mix of both scenic drives and off-road adventures. You’ll spend 4 nights camping in tents, providing a close connection with nature, and 1 night in a Yurt and 1 night in a Guest-house, allowing you to experience local culture and hospitality. In the group will be about 3 to 15 participants.

WeekdayDateStatusUSD per person
Sun24 Mar – 30 MarAvailable$1,050
Sun21 Apr – 27 AprAvailable$1,050
Sun28 Apr – 4 MayGroup full$1,050 
Sun12 May – 18 MayAvailable$1,050
Sun25 May – 31 MayAvailable$1,050
Sat25 May – 31 MayAvailable$1,050
Sat15 Jun – 21 JunAvailable$945
Sat20 Jul – 26 JulAvailable$945
Sun4 Aug – 10 AugAvailable$1,050
Sun18 Aug – 24 AugAvailable$1,050
Sun8 Sep – 14 SepAvailable


Sun22 Sep – 28 SepAvailable$1,050

This tour is from Aktau to Aktau. Spend seven days exploring the unique wonders of Mangystau, Kazakhstan. Unbelievable canyons, remnants of the dried Tethys Ocean, await your discovery.

  1. Fallen earth Jigilgan cape.
  2. Underground mosque of Shakpak ata
  3. Kapamsay canyon
  4. Valley of balls torysh
  5. Jurassic clays Kokkala
  6. Sherkala mount
  7. Valley of castles Airakty
  8. Porous gorge Ybyk
  9. Yurt village
  10. Salt flat Tuzbair
  11. Sand dunes Senek.
  12. Tiramisu canyon Kyzylkup
  13. Bozjyra fangs formation
  14. Bozjyra dragon crest
  15. Bozjyra mars panorama
  16. Ustyurt preserve.
  17. Bokty mount
Mangistau 7 days fixed tour
Mangistau 7 days fixed tour

Tour Itinerary

  1. Meetup and Departure: Your adventure begins at 10 AM when you are met either at Aktau Airport (SCO) or your hotel. From there, you’ll set off on an exciting journey.
  2. Lunch in Taushyk Town: Your first stop is Taushyk town, where you’ll enjoy a delicious lunch at a local café, likely savoring some traditional Kazakh cuisine.
  3. Exploration of Zhygylgan Cape: After your delightful meal, you’ll head to the enchanting Zhygylgan Cape. Here, you’ll start with a panoramic walk at the summit, offering stunning views of towering cliffs and numerous photo opportunities.
  4. Ancient Lion Footprints: Your journey will take you down the cape, where you’ll have the incredible opportunity to witness ancient lion footprints that have been preserved for over 100 million years. This will be a unique and memorable experience.
  5. Natural Marvels: As you explore further, you’ll encounter colossal pieces of earth that resemble houses and a heart-shaped lake, providing picturesque settings for unforgettable photos.
  6. Stay at Shakpak-Ata Mosque: After immersing yourselves in the wonders of Zhygylgan Cape, you’ll continue your adventure to the tranquil Shakpak-Ata Mosque. Here, you’ll spend the night in a comfortable old guesthouse adjacent to the mosque. On the way to the mosque, we will stop at the observation deck of the largest canyon Kapamsai Mangistau.
  7. Cultural Experience: In the evening, you’ll gather for a traditional Kazakh tea time, allowing you to delve into the rich tapestry of Kazakh culture. This will be an opportunity to connect with locals and learn about their traditions.

As night falls, you’ll have the chance to step outside and be enchanted by the mesmerizing starry sky, away from the city lights. It promises to be a breathtaking sight.

  1. Breakfast and Visit to the Mosque of Shakpak Ata: You’ll start your day at 8 AM with breakfast. Then, you’ll visit the Underground Mosque of Shakpak Ata. Make sure you’re well-dressed and have your camera ready to capture the mosque’s great architecture.
  2. Valley of Balls (Torysh): After visiting the mosque, you’ll continue your journey to the Valley of Balls (Torysh). Here, you’ll find perfectly circular and half-sliced rock formations resembling dragon eggs. You’ll have lunch in this unique location.
  3. Jurassic Clays (Kokkala): Next on your itinerary is a walk through the lilac remnant rocks at Jurassic Clays (Kokkala). This area is known for its interesting geological features.
  4. Sherkala Mount: You’ll continue driving to Sherkala Mount, which has its own intriguing story. Some people say it looks like a yurt, while others compare it to a sleeping lion. Your guide will provide you with more information during the tour.
  5. Airakty Valley of Castles: Your next stop will be the Airakty Valley of Castles. Here, you’ll encounter castle-shaped hills with spires, making for picturesque views, especially during sunset and sunrise.

As night falls, you’ll have the chance to be enchanted by the mesmerizing starry sky, away from the city lights. It promises to be a breathtaking sight.

  1. Morning Hike to Castles: After breakfast, your group will embark on a hike to climb up to the castles. This promises to be an adventurous and scenic journey with the reward of amazing views of the castles once you reach the top.
  2. Camp Assembly: While the group is exploring the castles, your team will assemble the camp, ensuring everything is ready for your return.
  3. Visit to Karaman Ata Mosque: Following your descent from the castles, you’ll drive to Karaman Ata Mosque, where you’ll have lunch. This mosque likely holds historical and cultural significance.
  4. Exploration of the Underground Mosque: After lunch, you’ll have the opportunity to explore the biggest underground mosque in Mangystau. This should be a unique and intriguing experience.
  5. Drive to Porous Gorge Ybyk: Your journey continues to Porous Gorge Ybyk. This gorge is described as having similarities to the Red Canyon in Israel and Antelope Canyon in Arizona but with its own unique porous features that make it a must-see. It’s a natural wonder that words can’t quite capture.
  6. Arrival at Yurt Village: After exploring the gorge, you’ll drive to a Yurt Village, where you’ll spend the night. This promises to be a unique cultural experience. You’ll have the opportunity to stay in a yurt and enjoy the hospitality of Alfiya, a local chef.
  7. Dinner at Yurt Village: Alfiya will prepare an amazing dinner for everyone. It’s a chance to savor local cuisine and perhaps try some traditional dishes.
  8. Accommodation: You’ll share a yurt with fellow group members (5 beds per yurt), but if you prefer more privacy, you have the option for a single supplement at an additional cost.

Before dinner, you’ll have the opportunity to take a shower, ensuring you’re refreshed and comfortable after a day of exploration.

  1. Morning Departure: After breakfast, you’ll start your drive to Salt Flat Tuzbair.
  2. Refueling Stop: On the way to the salt flat, you’ll make a stop in the nearest town to refuel your cars. Make sure to fill up for the journey ahead.
  3. Lunch by the Salt Flat Tuzbair: By lunchtime, you’ll arrive at the salt flat. You’ll enjoy a quick lunch featuring Horse sausage and different salads. Before eating, you’ll have the opportunity to take interesting photos on the snow-white salt field, which may remind you of Salar de Uyuni in Bolivia.
  4. Visit the White Big Arch: After lunch, you’ll continue your journey to a white big arch that resembles a large bone. This could be a great spot for more photos and exploration.
  5. Stop at White Limestone Canyons: You’ll also make a stop at white limestone canyons, adding another fascinating natural wonder to your trip.
  6. Drive to Tiramisu Canyon Kyzylkup: Following your exploration of the white limestone canyons, you’ll embark on a long drive to Tiramisu Canyon Kyzylkup. This might be a remote and beautiful location, providing unique landscapes for your adventure.
  7. Evening Arrival in Kyzylkup: You’re expected to reach Kyzylkup by 8 PM. Here, you’ll have dinner and spend the night, allowing you to rest and recharge for the next day’s adventures.
  1. Early Morning Sunrise: Those interested in catching the sunrise will have the opportunity to wake up early and witness this natural spectacle independently.
  2. Breakfast and Camp Assembly: After breakfast, your team will assemble the camp, ensuring everything is organized for the day’s activities.
  3. Exploration of Tiramisu Canyon: The group will then embark on a walk through Tiramisu Canyon. This unique canyon is known for its striped dark brown and white colors, resembling the layers of a Tiramisu cake.
  4. Visit to Beket Ata Mausoleum: Your journey continues to the Beket Ata mausoleum. If you wish to visit the underground mosque, you’ll have to walk 1.5 km down into the canyon and then make the same ascent back up.
  5. National Park Bozjyra: Next, you’ll drive to the National Park Bozjyra, a natural wonderland with stunning geological formations.
  6. Lunch with Local Cuisine: On the way to the park, you’ll have a quick lunch featuring Horse sausage and different salads, offering a taste of local cuisine.
  7. Bozjyra Mars Panorama: Your first stop within the park is the Bozjyra Mars Panorama. This location is said to resemble another planet with its unique and striking landscapes.
  8. Bozjyra Dragon Crest Top View: Your journey continues to the Bozjyra Dragon Crest Top View. This mount is known for its distinctive dragon crest-like shape and is often likened to a big ship. It’s a unique geological formation.
  9. Bozzhyra Fangs Formation: You’ll then take a 20-minute walk to reach the Bozzhyra Fangs formation viewpoint. It’s a popular spot within the park, known for its stunning views.

Finally, you’ll drive down to the lower side of the park and set up camp inside the canyon. Your campsite will overlook the amazing beige walls of the National Park. “Boz” means beige color, and “Jyra” means wall, so you’ll be surrounded by these magnificent beige walls.

  1. Off-Road Adventure: After breakfast, you’ll embark on an off-road journey covering approximately 90 km to reach the Ustyurt Preserve.
  2. Camp Setup: Your campsite will be set up overlooking the incredible Bozjyra Valley. This promises to be a unique and stunning setting for your evening.
  3. Sunset Over Bozjyra Valley: The highlight of the day will be trying to catch the sunset over the Bozjyra Valley. This valley is a remarkable natural wonder, featuring a salt flat with a length of 15 km.
  4. Photography Opportunity: The Bozjyra Park is renowned among world photographers for its stunning sunset and sunrise views. Make sure to have your camera ready to capture this incredible natural spectacle.
  1. Sunrise Photography: Before breakfast, you’ll have the freedom to explore and take amazing photos of the sunrise over the Bozjyra Valley. It’s a perfect opportunity to capture the beauty of the landscape in the soft morning light.
  2. Breakfast: After sunrise photography, you’ll have breakfast at your campsite.
  3. Return to Aktau: The day’s main activity will be a long 4-5 hour drive back to the city of Aktau. This drive will give you a chance to reflect on the incredible experiences and sights you’ve encountered during your tour.
  4. Lunch in Zhanaozen: Up until lunchtime, you’ll arrive in Zhanaozen city, where you’ll have a late lunch. It’s a chance to enjoy a meal and rest during your journey back.
  5. Continuation to Aktau: After lunch, you’ll have approximately 2 more hours of driving ahead of you to reach Aktau city.
  6. Arrival in Aktau: You’re expected to reach Aktau city by 6 PM. Your tour will conclude, and the group will be dropped off at their respective booked hotels or at the airport for those who are departing.

With hugs and farewells, your memorable tour comes to an end, leaving you with incredible memories of the diverse landscapes and experiences you’ve encountered in the Mangystau region.

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