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Tours to Tajikistan

Tajik tours focus a lot on the nature and history together with geological and other natural wonders as Tajikistan is really the place for them. Pamir area is the jewel of Tajik tourism but other areas should not be overlooked. Pamir is still mostly a destination for the ones looking for adventures and to challenge themselves with the high altitudes and extreme conditions. 

The Fann mountains offer magical mountain lakes and the lower areas both in Northern and Southern Tajikistan have ancient cities and archeological monuments to be discovered and are more fit for the ones looking for easier leisure and sights. Don’t forget the overwhelming hospitability of the Tajik people. Especially in the more poor, rural areas, people want to make sure that foreigners are treated as guests of honor. 

If the tours offered below do not meet your needs, please don’t hesitate to contact us for a tailored tour in Tajikistan or to combine your Tajik tour with the neighboring Central Asian Stan countries.

Pamir Tours

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