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Pamirs in 7 Days with total distance of 1650 km.
Dushanbe – Khorog – Wakhan-Murghab – Karakul – Osh through Wakhan Corridor

What you will see:
Panj River and its gorges, along the Afghan border / The famous Wakhan valley /Ancient fortresses Kah-Kaa (III century BC-VII century) and Yamchun (III-I century BC) / Petroglyphs / Yashilkul, Bulunkul and Karakul’s fantastic sceneries / the Pamir plateau
What you will enjoy: Historical places / bathing in hot springs / amazing scenery of the Afghan Hindu-Kush / Pamiri hospitality / Boating in Murghab River/ Indian goose (Anser Indicus)

Tour Itinerary

Dushanbe – Kalai-Khumb. (355 km 8-10 hours of driving including stops)

Meeting with a driver at a hotel/guest-house in Dushanbe and heading to the Pamirs via Kulyab. On the way enjoy the view of Nurek lake dam and discover Hulbuk fortress in Vose and the mausoleum of a poet and scholar of the 14th century, Khoja Mir Sayid Hamadani in Kulyab. Overnight in a home-stay in Kalai-Khumb town. 355km

Altitudes above sea level during the day: Beginning of  day – 780 m in Dushanbe, highest point – 2126 m on Shurobod pass, end of day – 1295 m in Kalai-khumb

Kalai-Khumb – Khorog. (250 km 8-10 hours of driving, the road is not so good)
Departing Kalai-Khumb (Darvaz) and heading to Khorog. Short stop in Porshinev at the monument of Nasir Khusraw, one of the great poets of Persian language and an important Muslim philosopher. 

Khorog City Tour: Botanical Garden, Historical Museum, City Park and Visit Tourism Information Center. Overnight in a hotel or homestay in Khorog. 250 km.

Altitudes above sea level during the day: beginning of  day – 1295 m in Kalaikhumb, end of day – 2100 m in Khorog

Khorog  –  Wakhan Corridor/Hissor. (266 km 10-12 hours of driving)

Khorog City Tour: Botanical Garden, Historical Museum, City Park and Visit Tourism Information Center. After heading to Ishkashim. On the way short stop to soak in Garm-Chashma hot spring and watch from distance Kuhi La’l, ruby mines. Driving to Wakhan Corridor. Visiting the ruins of Kah-Kaha and Yamchun fortressesBibi Fotima hot-spring, pre-Islamic shrines, Museum of Sufi Muboraki Wakhoni, astronomer and scholar of the 19th century and trekking to Langar petroglyphs. Overnight in a homestay in Hisor village.

Altitudes above sea level during the day: beginning of  day – 2100 m in Khorog, highest point – Yamchun 3200 m, end of day – Langar 2800 m

Wakhan corridor – Bulunkul lake – Murghab. (275 km 10-12 hours of driving). 

Driving to Bulunkul (coldest place in Tajikistan) along Pamir River via Khargush Pass (4344 m). 2-3 hours hike to the pass viewpoint (Panarama Ridge) for the great view of the whole Wakhan valley, both Tajik and Afghan. Drive to Yashilkul (Green) lake to enjoy the beauty of the lake. Driving to Alichur through Sasykul and Tuzkul lakes to observe and see beautiful landscape. In the afternoon continue driving to Murghab. Overnight in a homestay/hotel in Murgab.

Altitudes above sea level during the day: beginning of day – Langar 2800 m, highest point – 4344 m on Khargush pass, end of day – 3630 m in Murgab.

Day boating on Murghab River on the route Murghab-Madian valley: enjoying the Eastern Pamir landscape from a different prospective. In the evening driving back to Murghab. Overnight in a homestay/hotel in Murghab.

Altitude above sea level during the day: beginning of the day – 3630 m Murghab, in the end of day – 3500 m Modian.

Murghab – Karakul village. (210 km 8-9 hours of driving)

Departing Murghab and driving to Rangkul and Shorkul lakes. Good chance to see the rare Indian goose (Anser Indicus). In the afternoon heading towards the biggest lake in Tajikistan – Karakul (‘Black lake’). Continue driving to Karakul village via the highest point of the Pamir Highway, Ak-Baital pass (4656 m). Short stop near the fist Tsarist Russian military base in the Pamirs. In the afternoon hiking along the Karakul lake. Overnight in a homestay or yurt in Karakul village.

Altitudes above sea level during the day: beginning of day – 3630m in Murgab highest point – 4656 m on Ak-Baital pass, end of day – 3930 m in Karakul.

Karakul – Sary Tash – Osh (294 km 8-10 hours of driving)

Departing Karakul and heading to Sary-Tash of Kyrgyzstan in Alay valley. On the way short stop to see the Karaart geoglyphs (8th-3rd century BC) after discovering the village of Sary-Tash. If there are no clouds on the horizon enjoying the view of Lenin Peak (7134 m). Afternoon drive to Osh from where there are flights or other transportation available to Bishkek, Uzbekistan or Khujand in Tajikistan (Through Uzbekistan).

Altitudes above sea level during the day: beginning of  day – 3930 m in Karakul highest point – 3589 m on Taldik  pass, end of day – 950 m in Osh.

Tour information

This tour requires normal physical condition. There will be some walking in easy and moderate terrains.

What to bring with you: Comfortable walking/hiking shoes, warm clothes, rain clothes, sunscreen, cap for the sun and sun glasses, personal medications.

1) Visit Afghan border bazar (market) in Kalai Khumb or in Khorog or in Ishkoshim from 9:00am till
15:00pm, only on Saturdays
2) Possibility additionally to arrange one more day trekking and one night stay in Jizev, Bartang
3) One more day trekking to Engels Peak meadow camp.


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