Tajikistan destinations & sights

Tajikistan Destinations

With peaks of more than 7000 m, the Pamir Mountains are the highest in Central Asia and are surpassed in height only by the Himalayas. In Tajikistan you can explore the crystal clear lakes and rivers in mountain gorges and experience the Tajik hospitality and cuisine at the river banks of Syr Darya, Amu Darya and their tributaries. Tajikistan is divided roughly into 4 different regions: Pamir, the Southwestern fertile plateau, the Fann mountains and the North Tajikistan in the Ferghana valley. 

All the the regions have their very own character and should all be explored in order to get a comprehensive understanding of the country. Tajik destinations and sights include many geological wonders like hot springs, gemstones and fossils together with man made sights like the largest dams in the world. There are also several peculiar but so interesting ethnic groups in Tajikistan and the country is famous for the hospitality of the rural people.

Southwest Tajikistan sights & destinations

Southwest part of Tajikistan is south of the Fann mountains and bordered by Uzbekistan in the west and Afghanistan in the south. Number one destination and a good base for travels in this region, is Dushanbe, the capital of Tajikistan. 

Fann Mountains destinations

Fann mountains are the mountains between Dushanbe and Khujand separating the Northern and Southern Tajikistan from each other. Within the mountains, there are several mountain lakes and magnificent valleys and mountains to explore.

Northern Tajikistan destinations

Northern Tajikistan comprises of the Tajik part of Ferghana valley and the Panjakent region in the Northwest part of Tajikistan. This area resembles more Uzbekistan and is therefore quite different from the rest of the country. Northern Tajikistan is also often called the Sughd Province.

Pamir area sights & destinations

Pamis is often referred as the “Roof of the World” and it forms the whole Eastern Tajikistan covering half of the whole country’s area.

Tajik Wakhan Valley destinations

The Tajik part of the Wakhan Valley (Corridor) lies in Southeastern Tajikistan, along the border with Afghanistan with the main part of the Wakhan area sitting between Ishkashim and Langar.

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