Fann Mountains

Fann Mountains

There are few parts of Tajikistan more impressive than this northwest corner and if the Pamirs nearly steal the award for most impressive mountainscapes, they lose on accessibility and convenience. The Fann mountains stand as one of the best trekking destinations in Central Asia. The scenery here is at times truly magnificent. The Fann mountains are located in the northwestern edge of Tajikistan, near the border with Uzbekistan and they are a branch of the Western Pamir-Alay Range. Fann Mountains split the northern territory of Tajikistan, in the Fergana Valley, from Dushanbe and the other southern part of Tajikistan. 

The Fann mountains are mainly situated in the Sughd region between the Zarafshan range to the north and the Gissar Range to the south. In the east-west course, mountains stretch from Fandarya River to Archimaydan River and the group of Marguzor lakes that are better known as the 7 lakes.

Fann is a thick range, with around 100 striking peaks, many over 5000 m from the sea level and several renowned alpine lakes like Iskander Kul

Popular among nature lovers and mountaineers, these mountains nevertheless see very few visitors and their natural beauty and cultural treasures have remained virtually unaltered to this day. 

Fann mountains

The Fann Mountains are packed with rocky, forbidding summits, the biggest of which is the Chimtarga peak that reaches up to 5489 m. Other peaks comprise of Bodkhona (5138 m), Chapdara (5050 m), Big Hansa (5306 m), Little Hansa (5031 m), Zamok (Castle, 5070 m), Mirali (5132 m) and Energy (5120 m) peaks. 

Shining mountain lakes bound with sheer cliffs and remote peaks sum to the mysterious beauty of the region. In the hillsides and flanks of  the azure blue lakes are populated by sparse juniper and birch forests. Iskander-Kul is the largest lake in the Fanns, located just 25 km off the main north-south route (Dushanbe – Khujand) through the mountains, near several picturesque villages. There are also two long tunnels to avoid the hardest passes of the mountain range.

It is the single most famous site in the area and a popular stop along the road. Another famous sight is the chain of “7 lakes” in the Mogisendarya River valley directly south from Penjikent, where one can stay in homestays in the small villages between the treks.

Tunnel through the Fann mountain pass

Travel to Fann mountains

Fann mountains can be easily accessed from Penjikent in the northwest part of Tajikistan or from Dushanbe from the south and Khujand in the north. Make sure to stop on some of the villages on the road. Medieval Tajik mountain villages like in the famous Yagnob valley, are still very rural areas and the people are extremely hospitable. Inhabitants still dress traditionally and follow the ways of their ancestors. 

In the springtime, the trails are crowded with locals gathering sparkling glacial waters and herds of sheep and cattle wander the mountainsides and roads, usually driven by young teenage boys riding donkeys. If you have the chance to drive from Dushanbe to Khujand through Fann mountains, we guarantee that it is a route to remember with the amazing mountain views and the steep mountain valleys along the road.

Sights in and near Fann mountains

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