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Our Central Asia Tours combine at least two countries of the Central Asian Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan. This type of tours are suited for you if you want to see the highlights of different Central Asian countries during one visit. We offer both, the fixed date group tours and also private tours where you can decide the dates that best suit you and also allow customization of the tours.

If the tours offered below do not meet your needs, please don’t hesitate to contact us for a fully tailored Central Asia tour or to combine your single country tour itinerary with the neighboring Stans.

If you are more interested in tours only covering one of the Central Asian countries you can find them from our country specific tour pages through the menus and also below the Central Asia tours in this page.

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The best times to visit are spring and autumn. The green spring season starts from the beginning of April and lasts until the beginning of June and the autumn season is at its best with the autumn colors in late September. That being said, the high locations above 3000 meters, like mountain lakes above 3000 meters, are best visited between mid June and late August. The highest destinations (3500+) are at their best in July-August. July and August can get very hot in the southern and lower, often desert areas of Central Asia.

The answer depends on what you wish to see and what you are interested in as all the Central Asian countries are different. If it is about nomadism, Kyrgyzstan is your choice. Big cities of Central Asia with city life are found in Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan. The greatest architecture of Medieval or even ancient Silk Road cities and the cultural heritage can be found in Uzbekistan. Other Central Asian states cannot compete with Tajikistan’s Pamir mountains for the ones looking for unbeaten high altitude paths. More accessible and amazingly beautiful mountain nature can be seen in Kyrgyzstan. Turkmenistan is a sight as itself with its white marble capital Ashgabat and the infamous gate of hell as the top sights. One should definitely visit all the Central Asian countries as they all provide so much to see.

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