What to buy in Uzbekistan

Uzbek Souvenirs

Uzbek crafts are one of the most attractive details of culture, offering tourists a lot of options when choosing souvenirs. Uzbek artisans pass on the secrets of craftsmanship from generation to generation and their works are of high quality and extraordinary taste. 

Metalworkers, potters, weavers, carvers, and many others create works of art from silk, clay, wood, and metal that are popular throughout the world thanks to their smooth lines, geometrically perfect patterns as well as the composition of the design.

Woolly Carpet

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Chust knife

A traditional Uzbek knife from Chust is one of the best gifts. Chust knives has unique features a straight and wide blade with excellent blade quality and a handle made by hand and made with special inspiration.


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Uzbek Pottery

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rishton ceramic pottery
rishton ceramic pottery
ceramic culture uzbekistan
ceramic, bowls, arts crafts

Ikat Scarves

Silk scarfs and other silk apparel in Fergana Valley

Suzani work items

Uzbek suzani


uzbek skullcaps doppi tubeyteika


Dried fruits, seeds, nuts and local sweets

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Uzbek bread stamps

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