What to buy in Uzbekistan

Uzbek Souvenirs

A significant part of your trip is bringing a gift to your close people or yourself as a memory of your unforgettable voyage. Uzbekistan is an excellent place to buy souvenirs, here is a wide variety of souvenirs available. Uzbek artisans pass on the secrets of craftsmanship from generation to generation and their works are of high quality and extraordinary taste. 

Metalworkers, potters, weavers, carvers, and many others create works of art from silk, clay, wood, and metal that are popular throughout the world thanks to their smooth lines, geometrically perfect patterns as well as the composition of the design.

Uzbek Ceramics

Traveling through the different cities of Uzbekistan, you’ll find that each place has its style of ceramics. The schools in each region differ from those in other regions, with differences showing up in the colors, designs, shapes, and ceramics techniques. Rishton, in the Fergana Valley, is particularly famous for its ceramics. The artisans here use a special blue glaze, called “ishkor”. Ishkor is made from natural minerals and plants and gives the ceramics from this school a special blue tint not found anywhere else.

Uzbek ceramics souvenirs
ceramic plates in Rishtan

Uzbek Knife

A traditional Uzbek knife from Chust is one of the best gifts one can get from Uzbekistan. Chust knives have unique features with their straight and wide blade with excellent blade quality and a handle made by hand and made with special inspiration. The knives bought for tourism purposes have a golden marking on them, describing that they are made for souvenir purposes and a proper knife merchant should always provide you with the documentation in order to avoid any issues with the customs clearance. 

Uzbek souvenir knife
Chust knife sharpening

Doppi - Tyubiteyka hat

The traditional Uzbek cap named tubeteika, decorated with multi colored embroidery. Bukhara, Uzbekistan, Central Asia

Uzbek Silk

Uzbek silk

Uzbek Musical instrument

Uzbek national instruments

Uzbek Metal art

Uzbek metal art souvenir

Wood Carving

Traditional Kazakh wooden tableware with national ornament is sold on the street market.

Wool carpet

wool carpet weaving in Rishatan

Uzbek Puppet dolls

puppet dolls


Chapan is a great souvenir from Uzbekistan

Uzbek Jewelry

Uzbek national dress worn by an Uzbek woman

National clay toys

Uzbek doll souvenir

Dried fruits, nuts, and local sweets

Samarkand wine

dried fruits
wine tasting in Samarkand

Uzbek bread stamps


Soviet watch & old currency

Soviet souvenir poster

Uzbek Halva

uzbek halva

Uzbek Traditional Dress

Uzbek jewellery as souvenir

Souvenirs from Other Central Asian countries

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