Kyrgyz destinations and sights

Turquoise alpine lakes, towering snowcapped peaks, lush forests and nomad people. Sleep in a yurt in 3 km height together with the nomads herding their cattle. Kyrgyzstan has dozens and dozens of valleys and gorges with waterfalls to explore and hike in. During the winter time the high but not too steep mountains provide great locations for skiing from beginner to heliski experts. Kyrgyzstan is the most mountaineous country in Central Asia and the destinations and sights are often related to mountains with high elevation pristine water lakes or pastures in the high plateaus dotted with yurts, not to forget its past as a Silk Road route. You can also see our Kyrgyzstan tours and Things to do in Kyrgyzstan.

Bishkek region Kyrgyzstan destinations

The Northern part of Kygyzstan comprises of the area around Bishkek, the capital of Kyrgyzstan. There are lots of mountain valleys and gorges with rivers, waterfalls and mountain lakes to be hiked and explored. There are also several skiing destinations in the mountains south of Bishkek. There are also several ancient or medieval settlements in the Chui valley surrounding Bishkek.

Issyk Kul region Kyrgyzstan destinations

Issyk Kul region is the best known and most popular destination for tourists in Kyrgyzstan. The pearl of it is the great Issyk Kul with sandy beaches and clear water. In the Eastern end of the Issyk Kul area lies Karakol, which is the center for skiing tourism in Kyrgyzstan. There are also countless valleys, gorges and pristine mountain lakes hidden in the area with natural wonders and signs of old cultures.

Naryn region Kyrgyzstan destinations

Some people call the Naryn region the true Kyrgyzstan. Generally the area is higher than most of Kyrgyzstan and Naryn is the coldest larger town in the country. The area has several big high altitude lakes like Son Kul and Chatyr Kul and it is the origin to the Naryn river that ultimately reaches the Aral sea after joining with Syr Darya. Talas region is the best place to go to see the true Kyrgyz nomadic life with yurts and animals grazing in the pastures (Jailoo).

Toktogul and Talas regions Kyrgyzstan destinations

Toktogul and Talas regions are somewhat sparsely populated areas mostly living from agriculture in the Western part of Kyrgyzstan. The areas are dominated by villages and small towns with large rivers and hydroelectricity production. These areas have some of the most remote and best reserved nature reservates of Kyrgyzstan. Toktogul and Talas regions also offer jailoo destinations in the countless mountain valleys and high pastures.

Osh, Jalalabad and Kyrgyz Fergana valley destinations

The Southernmost regions of Kyrgyzstan are surrounding the Fergana valley. Culture in the area is closer to Uzbek and the people speak less Russian here. The whole Southern Kyrgyzstan is a mix of Kyrgyz, Uzbek and Tajik cultures and the home of allegedly best fruits in the Central Asia.

Batken and Alay valley Kyrgyzstan destinations

Alay (or Alai) valley is famous for its harsh climate and the high mountains. Batken area has some amazing and untouched mountain nature with natural wonders and ancient signs of cultures that have lived in the area.

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