Orto-Tokoy Reservoir

Orto-Tokoy Reservoir

Orto Tokoy is a reservoir in the Chu river that flows towards Bishkek just nearby the West end of Issyk Kul without any surface connection to the lake. The reservoir is located little higher and more westwards than IK and there is a hydroelectricity station at then north-east corner of the reservoir. There is not really much to see or do at the reservoir but on a sunny day the color of the reservoir is incredible with the greenish and bluish colors of water. During cold winters locals mostly from Bishkek come to ice skate over the frozen reservoir.

Travel to Orto Tokoy Reservoir

If you are driving the main road between Bishkek and Naryn you cannot miss Orto Tokoi. The reservoir is better visible if you take the longer route through Balykchi but can be seen also from the shortcut that reduces the lenght of drive between Naryn and Bishkek. If you decide to drive nearby the shoreline be cautious as the sand can be very wet as the surface of the reservoir fluctuates a lot during the summer period according to the water usage and therefore you can easily sink your car to the liquified sand at the shoreline. The shoreline can be approached the easiest from the south-west corner of the reservoir. 

Sights and destinations near Orto Tokoy

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