skazka canyon

Skazka canyon (Fairytale canyon)

The Skazka canyon or the fairytale canyon is about 1,5-2 km long reddish rock formation at the south side of Issyk kul in Kyrgyzstan. The peculiar forms of the rocks have been slowly created by the erosion of wind and rain resulting in imaginative forms. To have the best out of it it’s best to visit a little bit later in the summer evening to see how the shadows and light change the looks of different formations. If you go during midday or afternoon remember to bring enough water and a hat to cover you from the sun. The air can get very dry and hot in the canyon and the sun reflecting from the bright colored rocks makes it even more hot inside the canyon area.

If you climb a little higher within the rocks you can also have a good view of Issyk Kul and if you are lucky to have a less hazy moment you can see the snow capped mountains of Kungey Ala too range at the northern side of Issyk Kul. The nearest places to the parking place are seen in one – two hours but you can spend more time by trekking further to the east to see more intriguing formations in the less populated areas and a dried riverbed. Some of the formations remind animals, people or fantasy creatures and some parts are like the Great wall of China that you can walk along and have a peek from the holes in the walls. 

Skazka or fairytale canyon near Issyk Kul in Kyrgyzstan

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How to get to Fairytale canyon?

The  canyon is located about 7 km west from the village of Tosor on the south side of Issyk Kul. In order to reach the canyon you must drive or walk further south for about two kilometers from the main road. The best way south is along a dried river bed. There are several river beds but you can spot the correct one from the car tracks as it almost looks like a road plus there is a sign. The other bigger riverbed more east will also take you to the less visited but beautiful location nevertheless. You can recognize the main area from a parking place. If you go by car along the main riverbed there is a payment booth asking for about 50 som per person. Otherwise the area is fully free to roam.

In order to reach the canyon you should have a taxi for example from Balykchi, Bokonbaeva or Karakol and just ask the driver to take you there as it is a well known destination. You can also ask a marshrutka driver to stop on the way in Skazka if you are travelling along the main road in the south side of Issyk Kul towards Karakol, Bishkek or Naryn

Skazka canyon hippo shaped rock
View to the Fairytale canyon with a tourist drinking
Hole in the stone in Skazka Fairytale canyon near Issyk Kul
Orange stone humanlike characters in Skazka Fairytale canyon near Issyk Kul in Kyrgyzstan

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