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Kyrgyzstan - Kazakhstan fixed date Tour


Kyrgyzstan - Kazakhstan tour information

This tour combining Kyrgyzstan and Kazakhstan will take you to magnificent mountains of Kyrgyzstan and Kazakhstan where you will enjoy the view of breathtaking valleys, crystal clear rivers, and spectacular gorges. The tour starts and ends in Almaty as it has the best connections

 This fixed date tour will take place 7.9 – 17.9.2024

Kyrgyzstan - Kazakhstan tour
Kazakhstan - Kyrgyzstan tour


We expect you to arrive at Almaty International Airport on Asiana Airlines, Air Astana Airlines with evening flights OZ 577 at 20:40; KC 898 at 20:10. You can also arrive by other flights and in this case we can organize you a transfer with separate cost. You will have to take your luggage and go through passport control, which will take quite some time and for this reason dinner is not included.

Our team will meet you and drive to the hotel. (Standard check-in time after 14:00, please not this especially if you arrive with an early flight) You can have a rest in cozy rooms after your flight and on the next day we can start our enjoyable tour.

Meals included: no meals included
Accommodation: Hotel 3* (Holiday Inn Express Hotel)

After breakfast at 9:00 am we head to discover the Charyn Canyon. This natural property is the most unique and beautiful in Kazakhstan, 100 kilometers from Almaty. At 12:30 we arrive at Jibek Joly restaurant, it will be stop point for lunch and restroom. We arrive at Charyn Canyon at 14:30.

Charyn Canyon is located in the National Park. It is considered as the little brother of the Grand Canyon in the United States. The erosion made by the Charyn River has created dramatic and impressive landscapes. You will admire the great panorama and can go down to the bottom of the canyon as well as walk about 2 km in the labyrinth of the Valley of the Castles. We do walk
here about 2 hours and then we head to our hotel location.
At 18:30 we arrive in Kolsay lakes Natural Park. Dinner at the hotel.

Meals included: breakfast, lunch, dinner
Accommodation: Hotel 3* (Kolsay Grand Hotel)

After breakfast at 9:00 am we drive to Kolsay lake. Kolsay lakes are one of the most beautiful places of Kazakh nature. There is 3 Kolsay lakes, they are located at 1800, 2250 and 2700 meters above sea level. They are distinguished by a unique watershed mountain landscape, consisting of three natural zones and a variety of rare plants and animals. We will visit the first Kolsai lake and walk along the lake about two hours enjoying the scenery. You can use the restroom by the parking lot and clean up yourselves.

At 12:45 we arrive to homestay in Saty village to have a lunch where you can get to know the life of the locals. Then we departure to Karakol city in located in Kyrgyzstan. We will cross the border post Kegen between Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan. Our arrival time to Karakol city will be at 17:30. We will visit famous sights of Karakol city, such as the Russian Orthodox cathedral and Dungan mosque.
Dinner at 19:00 at the local restaurant.

Meals included: breakfast, lunch, dinner
Accommodation: Hotel 4* (Karagat Hotel)

Breakfast in the hotel. At 9:00 am departure to the Altyn-Arashan valley. To get there, we need to get transfer a special transport (Russian SUV car UAZ) that will take us about two hours along really broken mountain roads. A narrow road with steep serpentines of
the gorge awaits you. You should be prepared for a very shaky and bumpy ride. After overcoming a difficult pass, you descend into a wide, picturesque valley and it’s worth it. Upon arrival at 11:15 am in Altyn Arashan we’ll take a walk through the gorge.

At 12:45 we have a lunch at the homestay. Here you can use the restroom. Here you will also have the opportunity to plunge into a hot spring surrounded by rocks. At 16:45 returning to Karakol by the same way and transport (Russian SUV car UAZ).
Dinner at the restaurant at 19:00.

Meals included: breakfast, lunch, dinner
Accommodation: Hotel 4* (Karagat Hotel)

Breakfast at the hotel. Today we will visit several places located close to each other. At 09:00 we go towards Jety Oguz gorge. The name of the gorge is symbolic and means “seven bulls” in Kyrgyz as there are seven giant red-brown rocks resembling furious bulls standing together. We’ll take a walk through the gorge. On the right side of the mountain of the seven bulls, we will see the mountain of the “broken heart”, which stands out for its outlines resembling a broken heart.

At 12:30 we will have lunch at the homestay of local family and can use restroom facilities there. After lunch, you will have free time to walk along the gorge. If you wish here you can experience the adventure by trying the horse riding through the gorge and feel the culture of nomads or take pictures with the horses (option).

Our next location is Barskoon village. At 16:00 we visit a workshop in Barskoon where felt and wood products are made. We take an
excursion through the workshop and learn the secrets and intricacies of making a yurt, the traditional dwelling of nomads. Here restrooms are provided. After at 16:20 you will take part in the construction of a yurt, which is the dwelling of nomads. During the demonstration, you will get acquainted with all the elements of the yurt. The assembly time of the yurt will be about 40 minutes.
After having a great day we will head to Tamga village. Dinner at the hotel at 18:00.

Meals included: breakfast, lunch, dinner
Accommodation: Resort Hotel (South Beach Hotel)
Optionally: : A horse rental + horse guide. Possibility to book and pay on the spot.

Breakfast at the hotel. At 10:00 am we arrive to the beautiful creation of nature, the Skazka canyon. Skazka – which means Fairy Tale in Russian. You can take a walk here about three hours and enjoy the beautiful landscape.

We arrive at 13:10 to rest point Royal Gate Skazka to have a lunch and use the restroom. After lunch we’ll take a walk along the shore of Issyk Kul lake about one hour.

At 16:00 we will meet an eagle hunter in Bokonbaevo. You will get acquainted with an eagle hunter with his bird of prey and can admire the alertness and speed of the bird during the hunting. It is one of the oldest traditions of the Kyrgyz nomads.

Then we arrive at a guesthouse and have dinner at 18:00.

Meals included: breakfast, lunch, dinner
Accommodation: Guesthouse (Emily Guesthouse)

Breakfast at the guesthouse. At 09:00 am we start our drive to Kochkor village located in the Naryn region and expect to arrive at 11:15. Here you will have the opportunity to try to make traditional felt products. You will see and make the whole process of felt birth which are created from wool.

At 12:30 lunch with friendly Kyrgyz family at their homestay. You can use here the restroom for your comfort. After lunch we head to Son Kol, one of the most beautiful lakes of the country. We cross the mountain pass Kalmak Ashuu at an altitude of 3400 meters. A winding mountain serpentine leads you to the lake where you will be left breathless by the beauty of scenery. At 15:45 we arrive at the yurt camp in Son Kol, you will witness the hospitality of nomad people.

You will have time to walk along the coast, admiring the lush mountains, climb to the panoramic point and get acquainted with the lifestyle and customs of the nomads. If you wish, here you can try horse riding (option). At 18:00 dinner and overnight at the yurt camp.

Meals included: breakfast, lunch, dinner
*Note: yurt capacity 4-5 people. But during the low season you can be accommodated 2pax per yurt according to the availability. Toilets and shower are outside.

Accommodation: Yurt camp
Optionally: : A horse rental + horse guide. Possible to book and pay on the spot.

Breakfast at the yurt camp. At 09:00 am departure to the Tar Suu village located in Chon Kemin Valley. In Kochkor we will stop at rest point. We drive through Orto-Tokoy water reservoir and Boom gorge. Here we will stop to take photos of this scenic place. Arrival at 13:30 in Chon Kemin to clean ourselves by using the restroom. Afterwards, we will have a lunch and then you can walk enjoying this beautiful place. 

At 15:00 you will witness the incredible horse games – Kok Boru and Er Enish. Er-enish is a Kyrgyz traditional horseback wrestling which is the part of local life. These games are
considered an important part of cultural heritage since they have been played by Kyrgyz people for centuries. Watching this spectacular game will take about an hour. 

At 17:00 you will take part in preparation of the traditional flour product “boorsok”, which is prepared for all important events.
At 18:00 dinner at the guesthouse.

Meals included: breakfast, lunch, dinner
Accommodation: Guesthouse (Kemin Guesthouse)

After breakfast we will have free time and you can ride a horse exploring the lifestyle of local people (option). At 10:00 am we departure to Burana Tower and will arrive there at 11:30. It is an ancient minaret in the Chuy Valley in the north part of Kyrgyzstan. The tower with funerary monuments, earthworks, remains of the castle and three mausoleums – that’s all that last out of the ancient Balasagyn town that was founded by Karakhanids at the end of the ninth century.

Arrival at 12:45 in Don Aryk village at the “Aizada family restaurant” and we will have lunch with the local family. Here you will also see their lifestyle. You can use restroom in this location. After we will head to Bishkek where we are expecting to arrive around 16:00. We go the local market Osh bazaar. Here you can appreciate the creativity and talent of local artisans. Just as you step into the market, you plunge into the oriental atmosphere: an infinite flow of people, a great variety of goods and colors. 

We also visit the heart of the city, Ala-Too Square, flagpole with a flag, the Government Building and the Historical Museum. There is also a monument has been erected to the hero of the folk epic “Aikol Manas”, Manas the Magnanimous, his bronze figure reaches 10 m.

In the evening at 18:30 dinner at the restaurant.

Meals included: breakfast, lunch, dinner
Accommodation: Hotel 3* (My Hotel)
Optionally: A horse rental + horse guide. Possible to book and pay on the spot.

Breakfast at the hotel. In the morning at 8:30 we head to Almaty and cross the border Korday between Kyrgyzstan and Kazakhstan. Stop for lunch at the “Avraziya” restaurant and for restroom. At 14:30 we visit Kok Tobe, the highest point in the city. It is famous for its panoramic view of the city from all directions. To reach the Kok Tobe hill, we take a cable car ride which starts near Hotel Kazakhstan and goes over some of the oldest parts of Almaty and the magnificent fruit-growing gardens.

At 18:00 dinner at a restaurant. Overnight at the hotel.

Meals included: breakfast, lunch, dinner
Accommodation: Hotel 3* (Holiday Inn Express Hotel)

On this day we expect your return flight OZ 578 at 22:00; FZ 1854 at 05:05 am. If your flight departs at evening time, you will have free day for shopping and further sightseeing. Transfer to the airport. Departure.

Meals included: breakfast


Check visa policy for Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan and Kazakhstan

Find your country from the list and check possible visa requirements for Kyrgyzstan and Kazakhstan before booking.

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