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Uzbekistan tours are all about the amazing old Silk Road cities and their beautiful monuments or even older signs of culture from thousand year back. Cities like Bukhara, Sarmakand and Khiva will mesmerize you with their blue tiled lapiz lazuli colored domes and beautifully carved stone ornaments. 

Tashkent region also offers a lot to see with the mountainous areas nearby next to the borders of Kyrgyzstan and Kazakhstan. For the more adventurous and the ones that are looking things in the less beaten paths, we recommend the Southern Uzbekistan destinations like Termez. Karakalpakstan offers hundreds of ancient fortresses to explore, not far from the Aral Sea and in Fergana valley you can observe the skillful artisans creating knives, the famous Uzbek pottery, colorful silk or other traditional crafts. If you are a Medieval or Ancient architecture & archaeology enthusiast, Uzbekistan is the destination to go to.

If the tours offered below do not meet your needs, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We can also organize a tailored tour in Uzbekistan or combine your Uzbek tour with the neighboring Stans.

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