Turkmenistan visa

Turkmenistan is considered one of the most closed countries in the world, although only 30 years ago it was part of the USSR. Getting a Turkmen visa is a real roulette, it does not matter how many countries you have traveled to before, and how much money on your card, everything is decided by fate.

Please make sure to check the latest entry information due to COVID-19. The rules are changing even daily and the information below most likely is not valid at the moment!

Turkmenistan has the most strict visa policy in Central Asia

Almost all foreign citizens should have a Turkmen visa to enter the country and therefore Turkmenistan is not well-known as a travel destination.

Like North Korea, the country’s political system is a reason to visit all on its own. To get a visa you need LOI (Letter of Invitation) which only registered agents in Turkmenistan can apply for on your behalf. Once you have a Letter of Invitation you can apply for a Turkmenistan Visa, either at the local embassy or through a visa company.

There are two types of visas that tourists can use. The first is a tourist visa, and the second options a transit visa. Tourist visas can only be obtained together with ordering a tour.


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