What to do in Uzbekistan

What to do in Uzbekistan

Take a walk in Bukhara old town

Walking within the small streets in the old town of Bukhara you get the impression that nothing has changed in this city for centuries. Surrounded by plenty of mosques and madrassah the town attracts with colors and ancient narrow alleyways. 


Visit quarter of the craftsmen in Andijan

Hidden behind the grand streets, a quarter of the craftsmen market makes you feel the spirit of the old eastern bazaar. Although the quarter has been recently restored, it still preserves the atmosphere of the old market. You will see the masters composing the iron goods.

Meet with Kukeldash Madrasah students

Kukeldash Madrasah is an ancient madrasa in Tashkent, that still operates its original duty and operates as an Islamic educational institution like back in the 4th century when it was first built. Throughout its existence, Mercede Kukeldash served as a fortress and a hotel and has survived two powerful earthquakes.


Explore the desert castles of ancient Khorezm

On the southeast part of the Karakalpakstan deserts are dotted some old ruined fortresses, called Kala means Fortress. The Kyzylkum Desert was not always so dry before as in the early centuries this was fertile agricultural land, preserving the stable and centralized kingdom of Khorezm. 


See the magnificent buildings of Samarkand

Highlighted on the UNESCO World Heritage List and praised globally for its culture and art, Samarkand – the eccentric capital of Uzbekistan has excited many of history’s artistic minds. Observe some of the city’s most majestic monuments. Samarkand was the center of trade in the middle of the Great Silk Road. During the Middle ages, science and especially medicine and astronomy were ahead of all other parts of the world here. 

Escape to the Sangardak Waterfall

From uncountable architectural masterpieces to beautiful landscapes. Uzbekistan has something in store for nature lovers as well, so here is the Sangardak. Sangardak waterfall is truly unique due to its impressive amount of separate small streams. The water there flows out under the pressure of karst waters from numerous holes in the high rock. The rocks and cliffs at the waterfall are covered with emerald-colored moss and grass all year round and the smallest splashes of the waterfall sparkle in the sun composing incredible rainbows.

Learn ancient techniques of making silk in Margilan

Yodgorlik Silk Factory has an amazing place where you’ll observe and learn traditional methods of silk production, unlike those used at the city’s increasingly moribund mass-production factories. The entire process is on display, from steaming and unraveling the cocoons to the weaving of the dazzling khanatlas (hand-woven silk patterned on one side) fabrics for which Margilon is famous.


Visit Ship Cemetery at the bottom of Aral sea

Visit one of the world’s worst man-made environmental disasters, the disappearance of the Aral Sea. Just 30 years ago Moynak was a lively fishing town on the shores of a cozy bay at the South shore of the Aral Sea with a population of about 20 thousand people and with an active port for fishing vessels and transport ships.  Today all that remains of the former Aral sea at Muynak is a desert with spots of grass on the salty soil with seashells and rusty skeleton ships. 


Muynak Ship Graveyard

Learn about Uzbekistan history

Tashkent is not just an official capital but also the cultural center of Uzbekistan. The capital holds the largest number of various museums. The cultural heritage of the city and the country as a whole is on display at Perhaps the most highlighted museums are the Museum of History as one of the oldest museums both in Tashkent as well throughout Central Asia. Another must-visit museum is dedicated to the victims of repression that displays the colonization time of Central Asia by tsarist Russia to the political repressions of the 1930s.


Visit Khudayar Khan Palace in Kokand

Check out Khudayar Khan Palace, it is Kokand’s most remarkable sight and one of the most glittering royal residences in central Asia. This majestic and notable building serves as a reminder of the last ruler of the Kokand Khanate, there located 119 rooms and almost half of them are were harems. 


Have a cup of tea in Lyabi-Hauz square

Lyab-i-Hauz is an old town center where a cozy pool is surrounded by Uzbek-style chaihanas blended with the western-style coffee shops together with old significant buildings. Besides, it is historical significance as a central gathering spot and source of water. Lyabi-Hauz maintains its old-world style despite the evening pop music and family funfair feel.


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