Sangardak Waterfall

Sangardak Waterfall

The Sangardak waterfall is located 50 km northwest from Denau, which is the regional center in the Surkhandarya region in Uzbekistan. The waterfall is located in a scenic gorge, along the Sangardak river. It is near the village of Nelu and about 190 km north from Termez.

Sangardak watefall in Uzbekistan

Sangardak is Uzbekistan’s tallest waterfall with the fall reaching up to 150 m in length. It is a favorite place for locals to have picnics on weekends. The area is an extremely green and also a perfect spot for hikes in the surrounding area. 

Sangardak waterfall is truly unique due to its impressive amount of separate small streams. The water there flows out under the pressure of karst waters from numerous holes in the high rock. The rocks and cliffs at the waterfall are covered with emerald colored moss and grass all year round and the smallest splashes of the waterfall sparkle in the sun composing incredible rainbows. You may notice colorful small pieces of fabric attached  to the shrubs. This is an indication of old beliefs to the gods of nature and superstition still existing in the area. Binding a piece of your cloth is considered as a gift to Sangardak and it gives you a chance for your most cherished wishes to come true.

The road to Sangardak goes northwest from Denau and there are parking places next to the waterfall so it is very easily accessible.

Destinations and sights near Sangardak waterfall

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