Uzbekistan sights and destinations

Uzbek attractions, destinations and sights

Uzbekistan has the best preserved historical, architectural and religious sights in Central Asia. See the ancient clay walled fortress destinations in the deserts and the glorious religious building sights within the historical cities of Uzbekistan including Bukhara, Khiva, Samarkand, Shahrisabz, Termez and others. In Uzbekistan you can also witness the abundant farm life in desert areas which is supported by rivers from the mountain ranges, the largest being Amu-Daria (Oxus) that ultimately flows to the remains of the Aral sea. 

Uzbek travel destinations and sights are best viewed by staying few days per major city checking the attractions and traveling by train between the cities. Uzbekistan is the place in Central Asia to see the spectacular islam affected religious monuments and madrasas being only second to Iran.

Sights in Tashkent region

The capital region of Uzbekistan is located on a relatively narrow strip of land between Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan. In addition to Tashkent itself the region mostly offers great mountain nature to be explored in the Pskem mountain range shared between Kyrgyzstan and Uzbekistan and the mountains areas with waterfalls and climbing locations near Kazakhstan. Chervak reservoir is the place for the wealthy Uzbeks to spend the hot summer season vacations and can offer a lot for tourists as well.

Southern Uzbekistan Destinations

Southern Uzbekistan is the home of the most famous destinations in Uzbekistan and is delimited by Tajikistan in the East and Afghanistan in the South. It holds the ancient cities of Samarkand, Shakhrizabs and Termez. Southern Uzbekistan also has a lot of caves in the mountain areas and many of them are still poorly explored.

Central Uzbekistan attractions

Central Uzbekistan covers a large area including some major cities like Bukhara and Navoi but also other significant sights like petrified stone forest and ancient petroglyphs. Historically this area was known as the transoxiana, where steppe and semi desert meet the mountains range of Nuratau.

Uzbek Fergana Valley Destinations

Largest part of the famous Fergana valley belongs to Uzekistan. Also the largest cities in Ferghana valley are Uzbek cities like Fergana, Andijan, Namangan, Margilan and the most famous one being Kokand. Fergana valley is the center of handicrafts such as cloth production including the silk production and famous for the traditional Uzbek pottery production.

Khorezm Sights

Khorezm area was formed around the oasis region of Amu Darya already in the very early ancient times as it was part of the first dynasties in Central Asia and one of the birthplaces of the early Central Asian and Iranian/Persian cultures and the Zoroastrian (fire worshipping) religion. The area has a large number of old clay brick built fortresses and ancient cities like Khiva giving us a glimpse of the wealth and power that existed in this area already thousands of years ago. The area was a major link in the silk road between China and Europe and also a center of the infamous slave trade that thrived in those times.

Karakalpakstan Sights

Karakalpakstan is an autonomous Republic and a part of the Republic of Uzbekistan. The area is mostly inhabited by the ethnic Karakalpaks and the culture and language in the area resembles the ones in Kazakhstan. In the Karakalpak area there are several ancient fortress ruins and other sights from the Khorezm culture and it is where the Amy Darya meets the remains of Aral Sea. 

You can also check the latest destinations and sights from the Uzbek official tourism site.

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