Gijduvon is also written G’jjduvon is a tiny town in the Bukhara region. The town was a cultural, mercantile, and religious center in the region. Today G’ijduvon is a commercial center for not only G’ijduvon district but also for neighboring areas. In Gijduvon located one of the three madrassahs constructed by Ulugh Beg was hence named Ulugbeg madrassah and the other tour are in Samarkand and Bukhara. The tomb and monument of a famous Central Asian philosopher Abduholik Gijduvoni are also located in G’ijduvon.

Gijduvon minaret
Gijduvan madrassa and pool

Ulugbek Madrasa

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Gijduvan - Ulugbek Madrasa
Mosaic in Gijduvon Madrassa

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