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Tajikistan culture

The culture of Tajikistan formed over several thousand years while it has absorbed many ideas from Zoroastrianism and Islam. Unlike other Central Asian countries, Tajikistan culture is quite close and similar to Afghanistan and Iran culture. Tight ties with Persia have left a profound impact on the literature and arts of Tajikistan. Meanwhile, 20th-century Soviet impact produced the explicit documentation of local practices. Although decades of conflict have left deep scars on the national consciousness, the mood in recent times has been cautiously optimistic. 

TajikISTAN cuisine

Tajik cuisine is certainly Central Asian with plenty of grilled meats and dairy products, however with an influence from Afghanistan and Russia. Bread and tea play important role in the life of Tajiks, there will always be a kettle on the boil and a few cups of tea bowls filled with a light, steaming tea.

Traditional Tajikistan attire

Tajik Nationa Clothes


Tajik Handicrafts

Tajikistan has a strong folk art tradition across the nation, particularly with the creation of textiles, embroidery, and other practical decorative arts such as carving, furniture, and jewelry making.

Tajik Traditions


Pamir culture

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