What to buy in Kazakhstan​

Souvenirs from Kazakhstan

A great way to remember your trip to Kazakhstan is purchasing some kind of memory for yourself or for your close ones. Kazakhstan has few great products for souvenirs that focus on the nomad and Turkic heritage of this part of Central Asia. You will always have the chance to purchase souvenirs during our Kazakhstan Tours and Central Asia Tours.

Chocolate "Kazakhstan"

Chocolate “Kazakhstan” from the confectionery factory “Rakhat” is the number one product that must be purchased as a souvenir when departing Kazakhstan. Almost no foreigner leaves Kazakhstan without this chocolate. The quality and taste of “Rakhat” sweets are well known within other Central Asian countries but for the western taste it is pretty much on the average side.

Kazakh Cognac

A bottle of local cognac with the name tag “Kazakhstan” is another very popular souvenir from Kazakhstan. The local Bacchus firm produces a popular drink on oak with half a century of aging. High-quality and inexpensive Kazakhstan cognac can be found in almost every corner shop in big cities and the rural areas alike. There are also the Farabi and Alexander cognacs called “Zhenis” and “Kakharman” that have a good reputation and are considered slightly more expensive and higher category drinks.

Kazakh Felt products

The harsh conditions of the steppes make the local sheep wool unique. Most of the Kazakh felt products felt is made from the wool that is shrinking and managed together by the proper conditions of underwater, heat, and pressure/agitation. This allows producing denser and durable material which can best serve for making felt toys, carpets, and clothes. It is also possible to find wool and felt products that are made from the camel wool of the Bactrian camels that are native to Kazakhstan.


Kamcha is a short national leather made whip for horses, made with the use of hooves or horns of a roe deer. It is a short, thick whip with a round cross-section. Kamcha makes a perfect souvenir from Kazakhstan as they are often very nicely decorated with local ornaments. 

Kazakh Jewellery

Kazakh national style jewelry is another great option for a souvenir aimed for ladies. You can easily find inexpensive traditional Kazakh women’s jewelry like earrings, rings or hairpins for braids. In the past it was believed that the ringing of metal jewelry scared away the evil spirits.

Dombra, a Kazakh string instrument

Dombra string instruments on the wall of Kazakh yurt.

Dombra is a traditional stringed instrument of great cultural significance in Kazakhstan. This two-stringed instrument, similar to a lute, has a round body and a long fingerboard. It is often played during traditional Kazakh musical performances and festivals. 

The intimate melodies of the dombra evoke a sense of pride and nostalgia, reflecting the spirit of the Kazakh people. Dombras are also played in Tajikistan and Uzbekistan and is a very close relative if Komuz and Dotar.


Looking for a smaller instrument for a souvenir? Shankobyz is exactly that, a small musical instrument that produces unique tinkling sounds. It is mostly made from metal and is played by holding a muzzle to the mouth. This instrument is deeply rooted in Kazakh folk music and traditions. 

Purchasing this small instrument as a souvenir gives you the opportunity to learn about the traditional music of Kazakhstan and experiment with creating mesmerizing melodies.

Kazakh wood products

Popular woods for Kazakh wooden items are juniper, birch and cedar. Each of them have their own unique features that make them good raw materials for different wooden products. Some are beautiful in their grain and some are resistant to damage or decay. The birch bark is also used to create the traditional Kazakh baskets while cedar is used to create kitchen utensils that make a good and light weight souvenir. 

Kazakhstan has also a culture of creating beautiful wooden boxes for storing small items, bowls for nuts and dried fruits and traditional figurines from different wood materials. All Kazakh wooden products can be found in traditional Kazakh bazars and shops in larger cities.

Souvenirs from Other Central Asian countries

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