What to buy in Kazakhstan​

What to bring from Kazakhstan

Chocolate "Kazakhstan"

Chocolate “Kazakhstan” from the confectionery factory “Rakhat” is possibly the number one product that must be purchased when leaving the country. Almost no foreigner leaves Kazakhstan without a chocolate bar in a wrapper. The quality and taste of “Rakhat” sweets are well known within other Central Asian countries.

Kazakh Cognac

A bottle of local cognac with the name tag “Kazakhstan” is perhaps the most popular souvenir from Kazakhstan. The Bacchus firm produces a popular drink on oak with half a century of aging. High-quality and inexpensive Kazakhstan contact is most popular among tourists and can be found in every corner shop. Although the Farabi and Alexander cognacs have a good reputation and slightly expensive category drinks are cognacs “Zhenis” and “Kakharman”. 

Felt products

The harsh conditions of the steppes make the local sheep wool unique. And felt is made from the wool that is shrinking and matt together underwater, heat, and pressure/agitation. This allows producing denser and durable material which can best serve for making felt toys, carpets, and clothes.


Kamcha is a national whip for horses, made with the use of hooves or horns of roe deer. It is a short, thick whip with a round cross-section. Kamcha will be a perfect souvenir from Kazakhstan.


National-style jewelry will be another best option for ladies. And ancient Kazakh believed that the ringing of metal jewelry scares away evil spirits.
You can get some traditional Kazakh women’s jewelry like earrings, rings, rings, or hairpins for braids.

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