Tavaksay waterfalls

Tavaksay waterfalls

Tavaksay (or Tovoqsoy) waterfalls meaning noisy stream in Uzbek, lie in the Tavaksay valley not far from a namesake village in aesthetic mountainous terrain next to the border of Kazakhstan. The waterfalls area is located about 70 kilometers northeast of Tashkent, in the Bostanlyk region that is famous for its beautiful mountain valleys. According to the visitor’s review, there are about eight different sized waterfalls here and some hidden in the greenery along the route and part of them only exists in the spring time during the high water amount. There are three larger waterfalls, the largest one being 40 meters in height and also generally thought being the most beautiful one. 

The trail to the waterfalls by walking takes about 3-4 hours the distance being about 5 kilometers. Name of the first waterfall is “Forty Pigtails” reminding the style how Uzbek women have tradiotionally braid their hair. Second waterfall is a fairly small one but the third one is the largest and named “Chukuraksu”. After the second waterfall there is a view towards mountain that appears like the humps of a camel and is named accordingly “Camel”. In winter, the waterfalls get frozen and create beautiful ice falls. The trail is mostly accessible for winter hikes as well. In spring, when the water flow river increases and the first flowers start to bloom the valley becomes  overwhelmingly green and truly beautiful.


How to reach Tavaksai waterfalls

Marshrutkas drive regularly to Tavaksai village from Tashkent which is the getaway to the waterfalls. Just 50 km northwest from the capital and you can reach the village. Once in the village, you have to follow the road north. Since the road conditions are quite bad it is best to have a SUV. Several tour operators also organize guided hiking trips to Tavaksay waterfalls.The entire Tavaksai hiking route is easy to pass even by people of age or not feeling themselves exceptionally fit. The most difficult part of the trail is the last 500 meters of the route while climbing in the canyon side.


Sights and destinations near Tavaksay

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