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Kok tobe

Kok-Tobe (Kök-Töbe) is the symbol of Almaty and the highest point of the city at the height of 1130 m above sea level. It is one of the most popular destinations within both the guests and residents of Almaty. From up here you can observe the beautiful panorama of the mountain ranges and the Almaty city (on a smogless day only though). During the night time, the view is remarkably magnificent while Almaty is illuminated by its glimmering lights. One of the most brightest lights visible is the 350 m high TV tower that was built on a seismically active area on the hills above Almaty. Kok Tobe translates from Kazakh as “Green Hill” and is located west from the Medeu district at the outskirts of Almaty. 

View of Almaty from Kok Tobe
Kok Tobe amusement park in Almaty

Originally the mountain was called Verigin, a name of a wealthy merchant who lived at its base. Kok Tobe started to develop as a recreational location after the first Secretary of the Communist Party of Kazakhstan, Dinmukhamed Kunaev, initiated the building of a park here. As a result, the first Central Asian cable car was constructed here already in 1965 with the laying of the lower station next to the Palace of the Republic where it still remains. Engineers from Tbilisi were involved in the main design and installation works. At the top you will find an amusement park with viewing decks, walking alleys, benches and restaurants. From a touristic point of view, Kok Tobe does not really offer much unless you are traveling with children of the age interested in amusement park rides.

Kok Tobe gondola in Almaty
Kok Tobe in Almaty

Kok Tobe Beatles statue

The most famous sight of Kok Tobe hill is the bronze made Beatles statue. It was erected there on the initiative of local fans in 2007.

The statues are next to the the sign ‘I Love Almaty’, where local people come for photos. 

Statue of Beatles in Kok-Tobe in Almaty

How to get to kok tobe

A unique cable car connects the center of Almaty and the Kok-Tobe mountain. The starting point is the station on Dostyk Avenue, just next to the Republic palace and the upper station is in the Kok-Tobe park on the hillside. The cable car track to Kok-Tobe is 1620 meters long and reaches approximately 250 meters in elevation. The cable car will take you over the cottages and houses, straight up to the Kok-Tobe mountain in only six minutes. The fee for a ticket is 3000 tenge one way and 5000 tenge two ways (2023). Please check the latest price information and opening hours from the official Kok Tobe site.

Sights near Kok Tobe

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