Kok Moinok canyon

Kok-Moinok Canyons

On the way to Issyk-Kul, after the Boom pass, on the right side of the highway, beyond the Chu River, you can notice unusual slopes. It is a scenic and unique Kok Moinok canyons. They are a part of the Boom Gorge. Kok-Moinok canyons, located 150 km southeast of Bishkek and 11 km west of Balykchy.

The colorful 2.5 km long and narrow Kok – Moinok canyon is named after the village of the same name – Kok-Moinok. Is believed that long time the lake Issyk Kul was here due to its big amount of salt on the cliffs. These canyons are rocks washed out by water over tens, and perhaps hundreds of thousands of years ago, leaving behind picturesque patterns of rock.

How to get to Kok Moinok

The route to Kok Moinok canyons goes along the Issyk Kul road but turns in the same turn to Naryn road and then immediately to the right after the bridge. There are two ways to see the canyons, first easies just walk inside of the canyons, and the second hike upwards to see a panoramic view.

Bring with yourself to Kok Moinok

Destinations near Kok Moynok Canyons

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