Alamedin valley

Alamedin Valley

Alamedin valley (or gorge) is one of the most easily accessed mountain destinations for Kyrgyz capital residents and tourists as it is located only 35 km south from Bishkek. The entrance to the Alamedin gorge is nearby the Koi Tash village which is about a 30 km drive away from Bishkek. Inside the gorge there is a very old and dilapidated sanatorium that actually looks quite scary inside but it is also an unique experience to have a look at it. The sanatorium has a big Soviet-style hall with mineral hydrogen water and different types of treatments to cure illnesses and according to the smell the water also contains some sulfur. 

The sanatorium is still popular among the locals and is called the “Typlye Kluchi” which means hot springs in Russian. The condition of the swimming pool is as most of the other sanatoriums in Kyrgyzstan meaning it has not seen much restoration or even upkeep after the collapse of the Soviet union. The temperature of the hot spring is in average 30 C degrees and the mineral water is said to have a healing effect. You may also rent cabins in the area which is about one kilometer further in the valley South from the sanatorium.

After some procedures in the sanatorium (or just after a look as we would suggest), you may proceed to trek along the valley and to further relax in the nature. You will hear the powerful sounds of the rapids of Alamedin river and if you walk further south where the valley turns more into a gorge you can see several waterfalls pouring down from the high cliffs surrounding the valley from both sides along the juniper, spruce and birch forests.

The Alamedin gorge is also covered by diverse bushes (some of them are very spiky so be careful) and mushrooms in the autumn time. You may also find some wild strawberries next to the river shore. If you come in the spring time or in the autumn time the highest peaks are most likely white and rise very fast from the valley upwards making a person feel small. 

Waterfall in the alamedin gorge in Kyrgyzstan Chui region
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Alamedin waterfalls

The paths along the valley are not always very obvious so it is not a bad idea to have a guide if you want to reach for example one of the waterfalls. It is possible to on both the western and eastern slope of Alamedin valley and also along the Alamedin river but there are many spiky bushes next to the river and it might be hard to proceed without crossing the river several times. The amount of water can also be quite high especially in the spring time making it hard to cross the river except in few good places.

Travel to Alamedin gorge

There is no public transport going straight to the valley but you can take marshrutka that goes to Koy Tash village from the Alamedin Bazaar in Bishkek and from Koy Tash you can walk or hitchhike or hire a car to continue further south for the ride of about 13 km still left till the sanatorium.

Sights & Desntinations near Alamedin Valley

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