Chaek village

The village of Chaek is the center of the Jumgal region, located in the central part of Kyrgyzstan near the Jumgal River between Son Kul and Toktogul reservoir. The village sits in the narrow mountain valley surrounded by scenic steep ridges of the Inner Tien Shan. The road leading from the Tyuz-Ashuu pass to Kochkor passes here. Chaek village lies about 370 km northwest of the regional center of Naryn and the same distance south of the capital Bishkek. The high-mountainous lake Sonkol is located just 45 km east from Chaek but on the other side of a mountain range.

Chaek is an agricultural settlement known for the cultivation of fruit trees and animal husbandry. The village even hosts an apple festival in the autumn, which attracts farmers from different parts of Kyrgyzstan who are engaged in gardening. In the area of Kara-Keche parts, coal is mined and in Soviet times, uranium was mined nearby. There are still some remains from this activity in the area in the form of radioactive waste. 

Chaek Sights

Jumgal Regional History Museum

Chaek has a Jumgal Regional History Museum which is dedicated to the famous children of the region. One hall is devoted to famous former Jymgal resident Kojomkol reported having weighed 208 kg and being more than 2 m tall. The small museum holds interesting artifacts and photos of its famous fellow villagers. 

Arab Mausoleums

There are some Arab Mausoleums located in the foothills north of the Chaek village. Although little is known about the past of these mausoleums. The Arabic inscriptions and stylized architecture points to a 17th-century Silk Road origin. 

Lakes around Chaek

Chaek sits in the heart of Kyrgyzstan and is surrounded by several small alpine lakes. If you like to hike alpine meadows and over green passes, you can stop over alongside the bright high-altitude Sary- Köl lake. There also Beshkugandy Kol, Chontaash Kol, Sary Kol’ as well as another nameless lakes but if you are not an experienced hiker / climber it is better to seek a local guide. The whole area offers stunning panoramic views from the higher grounds. 

Destinations near Chaek

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