Shar waterfall

Shar waterfall

Shar Waterfall is known as a Bash-Kaindy waterfall located in the Bash-Kayunday gorge in the Naryn region. The height of the waterfall is 220 m, taking into account the cascades it is about 400 m making it the highest waterfall in Kyrgyzstan and in whole Central Asia and the Central Tian Shan area. The waterfall sits at the height of 3200 m above sea level and is established in the gorge of the Bash-Kaindy river. Nearest settlements are Birlik, At-Bashi and Bash-Kaindy in the Northwest as well as Taldy-Suu and Birinchi May villages in the Northeast. You can observe the waterfall from far, even from the Naryn-Torugart road that runs through the At-Bashi village. 

The name of the village Bash-Kaindy and the gorge with the same name comes from the Kyrgyz word bash which means “beginning” and “head” and Kaindy means “birch”, which means “beginning of birches”. The gorge is very picturesque – the mountains are unique and beautiful immersed in a continuous carpet of coniferous forest. Even during the hottest summer days comfortable temperatures and humidity reign here. Fir-trees are growing on the slopes, and Asian junipers emit a delicate aroma of needles. The flora of the surrounding area of the waterfall includes more than 270 plant species including relics and endemics. Many plants are listed in the “Red Book of Kyrgyzstan”. 

Shar waterfall in the Bash Kaindy gorge in Naryn region in Kyrgyzstan

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How to get to shaar waterfall

Before trying to reach the highest waterfall in Kyrgyzstan you should make your way to Naryn. The waterfall is accessible only on foot or by horse. By foot you can reach it in approximately 5 hours. From the nearest village of Bash-Kaindy it is 20 km to the waterfall. The car road ends at the entrance of the Bash-Kaindy gorge and from there you need to hike for about 12 km. The trek  rewards travelers continuously with impressive views of the valley, full of beautiful trees, grazing yaks, herds of sheep and semi-wild horses. The best time to come here is certainly in the summer. The waterfall is yet little known, therefore is not crowded yet. Overall, the walking trip to the waterfall takes a whole day. If you have a tent you can also spend a night under the waterfall. 

On the way to the waterfall, you need to cross the river and streams flowing from the mountains. During the springtime, the amount of water can rise making it impossible to cross some locations without ropes meaning it is better to go with a guide in the spring time. There are also many side directions in the gorge and it is quite easy to turn the wrong way and get lost which also seconds using a guide if you are not the most experience hiker. All the hardships of the path are rewarded finally by the breathtaking spectacle in the form of a huge waterfall and the feeling of energy of the waterfall. 

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