Eki Naryn

Eki Naryn valley

Eki Naryn valley is located in the junction of the small Naryn river and the big Naryn, together creating the Naryn river. Hence the name of this valley’s translates as “Two Naryn” from Kyrgyz. Both rivers are fed by several glaciers in the surrounding mountains and form beautiful patterns in the point of confluence as the somewhat different colored rivers mix slowly togeher. 

Eki Naryn is a quite remote valley and therefore only very few people visit it. Furthermore, the area is not popular with any sights except the swastika forest near the Salkyn Tor National Park and the Bugu Maralov sanctuary, where one can visit to see the endangered Tien Shan reindeer, living there under the protection of the local environmental authorities. Eki Naryn is located 44 km east of Naryn at the altitude of 2250 m above sea level. Bugu Maralov site can be accessed through the Tash Bashat village just south from the point where the Naryn villages confluence.

Eki Naryn is one of the most beautiful places in Kyrgyzstan which remains untouched by mass tourism. The stunning nature with massive greenery, forests and mountains and the cleanest air. In the summertime residents from the nearest villages and Naryn come to roll out yurts, take care of cattle, make felt decorations for the houses as well as enjoy the pleasures of jailoo life. 

During the night you can observe the starry sky which appears almost unrealistic without almost any light pollution. The Eki-Naryn Valley is home to a small village of the same name, located about 40 km from Naryn. The valley is nestled in high mountains and is the ideal place to discover the pure fresh landscape of the region and enjoy hiking around. 

Eki Naryn confluence, Kyrgyzstan

Old fortress of Eki Naryn

There is an old fortress just above the point of the Naryn rivers confluencing. The river has been slowly eroding the walls of the canyon and the fortress is already half fallen to the river. Very little information is available on the age or origin of the fortress and it seems that only the walls have survived till our days.

Our guess is that the fortress is from the same era as for example the Koshoi Korgon fortress west from Naryn in the village of Kara Suu. In Kara Suu village you can also see how Kurut is being made.

We have only seen the place through drone and it seems that it can be only accessed by crossing the river Naryn in the Naryn town and driving east along the northern bank of the river. The roads there seem to be very bad or almost non existing.

How to Get to Eki Naryn valley

You can get to Eki-Naryn easily from Naryn. It takes about one hour by bus or taxi. The road bounces past colorful meadows and fields of barley following the Naryn river towards east. The condition of the road is not the best but is ok with a SUV type car. Through this road it is also possible to drive all the way to Issyk Kul but the road conditions are poor.

Sights & destinations near Eki Naryn

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