KARA-SHORONational Park

The Kara-Shoro Natural Park is located south eastern slope of Fergana range in the Uzgen district of the Osh region. This place is remote from the main highways and large settlements and attracts visitors with peaceful mountain landscapes, clean air and mineral springs. The territory of the park is more than 8500 ha. The mountain river Kara-Shoro flows in the center of the park, running in Westerly direction and having numerous tributaries of which the most significant are Kachyrali, Kara-Bulak, Balam-Kaldy, Chon-Kulubek. There are 12 mineral springs in Kara-Shoro, as well as a koumiss treatment center.

The park has spruce, walnut, and juniper forests, and most of its territory is occupied by pastures. The locals make their food by breeding animals on the spacious green slopes of the mountains and grow vegetables in the valleys. You may rent a horse to ride around, get accommodation and stay for a few days and try drinking mare’s milk (kymyz) and improve your health by visiting the mineral springs. There are 12 mineral springs with waters that are famous for their healing properties. 


Things to do in Kara-Shoro

Sights near Kara Shoro

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