Kolduk Lakes

Kolduk Lakes

If you are looking for a relaxing little paradise to have a rest on your way, then do not miss the chance to spend some time among the picturesque Kolduk lakes in the Osh region, including the Kolduk Lake and the smaller Kichi Kolduk. The Lakes are located on the Eastern slope of the valley leading to the Alai valley from Ferghana valleyLess than 10 km from the highway and along a rough road South of the city of Gulcha, in the Alai region, bordering China in the East and Tajikistan in the South. 

The lakes are emerging from streams and glaciers above them. This area is almost untouched with only a few yurts built close to the Kichi Kolduk but they are connected to the main road by a smaller road and meals can be provided by the locals staying there in the summertime. The two dazzling blue lakes lie calmly in the middle of the valley and reflect the green mountains circling them. 

According to locals, there is some kind of a legend warning swimmers not to swim too far from the shore. The lakes are also considered sacred, meaning that drinking alcohol is prohibited there. The lakes are filled by melting glaciers in the summer, so before you go for a swim, keep in mind that the water can be quite cold.

How to get to Kolduk lakes

In order to reach the lakes from Ferghana valley you need to driver through the town of Gulcha and follow the highway South, until the Kolduk village and from there turn left to drive upwards to the lakes. You may join the locals who go for fishing and enjoy their free time in Kolduk lakes. It is a popular place for the local residents to go to Jailoo from neighboring villages with yurts to find good pastures for livestock and spend the whole summer there. 

If you are traveling from the Tajikistan side or are already in the Alai valley the lakes are then located on your right side at the Kolduk village when driving towards the Ferghana valley.

Sights near Kolduk lakes

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