Kirov Reservoir

Kirov Reservoir

Kirov Reservoir is a large reservoir which has the huge 84m head of Lenin carved statue at the top of the dam. The reservoir is located in the west part of the Talas region and north of Kyzyl-Adyr, a town in the Chon-Kapka gorge, more precisely 54 km west of Talas city and 40 km east from Kazakhstan‘s border not far from the city of Taraz

Kirov dam
Kirov reservoir in talas, Kyrgyzstan

The reservoir was built in 1975 to irrigate the lands in the Talas valley and in the neighboring Republic of Kazakhstan. The greatest depth of the reservoir is 7 meters and the area is about 20 square kilometers. The length of the dam reservoir is 256 meters, its height 86 meters, and its width 7 meters. Opposite to the dam near the car park is a demonstrative Soviet-era bas-relief by the German-Kyrgyz artist Theodor Herzen. 

kirov reservoir talas
kirov reservoir dam soviet murall

Under the reservoir lies a ruined town called Sheldy. It was a significant millennium old town that in the 16 century used to produce silver and goods for the entire region. In the autumn time when the water level is low, it is rarely possible to see the remains of the destroyed town standing under the water. You can have a good time outdoors or go fishing at the shore of the Kirov reservoir.

Kirov dam in Talas
Kirov dam and reservoir in Talas

Sights near Kirov Reservoir

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