Kulunatin lakes

Kulunatin National Reserve

Kulunatinsky reserve is situated 40 kilometers East from Osh, on the territories of the Ferghana and Alai ranges. On the southwest runs river Terek which joins with another river Ter on the south.  

Konduk is the nearest village located on the southwest side of the Kulun lakes. In the village of Konduk, Kara-Kuldjinsky district, of the Osh region located a spring called Toguz – Bulak. According to the stories of residents, it is sacred spring. There are certain rules for worship, anyone who wants children should come to the spring alone and barefoot. Near the spring situated a mausoleum as well. 

The name of reserve “Kulun-Ata” (Foal father) came from the ancient legend as well. According to legend, once a resident of the Alaykuu valley came to the Toguz – Bulak spring on his horse to bow. While praying, he did not notice how it got dark. He decided to spend the night there. Waking up at night, he saw a white horse coming out of a spring. After some time, his horse gave birth to an unusual foal. Then this man decided once again to go to the spring to get another foal. At night, a white horse appeared and took the foal. So, the greedy man was left without a foal, and the area was called “Kulun-Ata” 

Kulunatin National Reserve has big amount of useful herbs and more than 100 species of animals and birds. Therefore, in 2004 it area became protected area Kulunatin National Reserve. One of the main goals of creating the Kulunatin National Reserve is to preserve the biodiversity of this region, the rich gene pool of the plant world and the unique mountain-lake ecosystem. 

Kulun Lakes

There is two alpine lakes located in this Kulun national Reserve: Kulun lake and small Kulun. Lakes are landslide formed as a result of a powerful earthquake. The lakes is at a fairly high altitude of 2856 m. The Kulun River flows into the lake and water seeping through the rubble forms Lake Kulun small next to Kulun River. 

How to get to Kulun National Reserve

The destination is not very popular yet therefore there are no many tour group tours that are offered yet. You can get to the territory of the reserve only by jeep which is suitable for the rough mountain roads or by hiking. From Kolduk bus stop you can negotiate with local taxi drivers to take to a certain point or you can also rent a horse from the village. 


Sights near Kulunatinsky State Reserve

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