Arpa Valley

Arpa Valley

Arpa Valley is located in the southwestern part of the Naryn region meaning that it is a very remote area and is surrounded by mountain ridges from most sides. The mountain ranges surrounding this 2900 meter high valley include the Ferghana, Torugart, At-Bashy ridges and mountain ranges of Ortok-Too-Too and Jamal. The Arpa Valley is mostly used as a summer pasture for animals that can survive in the higher areas like the yaks. 

There are no official roads in most part of the Arpa Valley so one needs to visit the area by trekking, horseback or by a rugged 4×4 vehicle. Weather conditions will have a significant impact on the possibilities of using a car. A border permit is also required to visit the area as it is behind the border zone check point on the main road towards Torugart pass. Arpa valley is a great place to observe the life of nomads and shepherds at their work living in their yurts for the short summer period. 

Other Sights near Arpa Valley

Page updated 8.4.2024

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