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Uzbekistan Knife production

Chust is the most famous place for production of Uzbek knives. The town is located 30 km west of Namangan and 75 km northeast from Kokand. Like already in the old times, there is still a whole quarter of blacksmiths that are engaged in the art of making knives in the very centre of the Chust that are called the “suzangaron” (blacksmiths). 

The masters blacksmiths craft the popular Uzbek “pichok” (knife) in small workshops, equipped with everything necessary. Most of the blacksmiths are also happy to let you watch the process of knife making from the very beginning till giving the final touches. Uzbek knives also make a great souvenir and the vendors will provide you with proper documentation to avoid any issues in the customs.

Knife smith in Chust in Fergana valley
Chust knife workshop

Chust knife workshops

Chust knives are identified by their lightness and elegance, the tip of the blade is curved a little bit upward and the nose of the handle is slightly folded down. The process from masterly forging to hardening is performed by an experienced craftsman as the shapeless piece of metal turns into ringing steel.

The blacksmiths hammer their own product from almost shapeless pieces of metal into the almost polished knife, which has not yet cooled down from forging and the product is finalized with the handle often made from animal antler and completed with several phases of sharpening the knife. The best masters hone each blade into the desired shape with meticulous attention to even the smallest detail. It is believed that the experienced eye of a specialist can even determine not only the place of production but also the name of the most renowned masters that created it. 

Uzbek knive workshops can be found just right next to the main bazaar of Chust, but a little bit hidden from the most obvious sight in the further end of the bazar.

chust town mural
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