Ishkashim is the capital of Ishkoshim District in Gorno-Badakhshan Autonomous Province in south-east Tajikistan. It is located 110 km (to the south) from Khorog, on the Panj River, at a point where it is direction turns sharply north. Ishkashim is a small town located at the beginning of the Wakhan corridor. There are Pamir Highway branches out to the south and it is home to 2900 people mainly Pamirians. The settlement at a height of 2500 m above sea level lies in the scenic valley surrounded by Pamir and Gindukush mountains right on the border with Afghanistan. Ishkoshim lies opposite a town of the same name town in Afghanistan.  The Tajik town is far the wealthier in fact in the evening time you can notice the absence of the lights across the Afgan border. 

Iskashim is perfectly positioned both for the nearest to the culture and archeological sights as well as for the best view across Wakhan and the Hindu Kush. These two settlements are connected by a bridge where they sometimes have Sunday markets. A bridge opened in 2006 links the two towns. There are projects to restore the 100-km highway connecting Ishkoshim to the provincial capital Khorugh, which has been damaged by snow avalanches.

Ishkashim Bazaar

Ishkashim is the perfect overnight stopover for travelers along the Pamir Highway. The town’s main sight is the bazaar where you can purchase different stuff, vegetables, fruits and Afghan clothing, fabrics and scarves. The market works on Sunday, but not every week. 

Around Ishkashim ​

Garm Chashma hot spring about 70 km north of Ishkashim and 42 km South from Khorog at the height of 2325 metres above sea level on the western slope of the Shakhdara Range. 

Khakha Fortress is located at Namatgut about 15 km southwest of Ishkashim. Th fortress was built by Kushans possibly in the 4th century AD. 

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