the valley of 40 girls


Childukhtaron in Tajik means 40 girls is also known for the Childukhtaron Nature Reserve. The legend has it that 40 young girls attempting to protect their village during the invasion of Mongols realizing inevitable defeat. Consequently, they prayed for release from the advancing Mongol troops and turn them into stone. So that their bodies would forever stay pure. 

Surrounded by the Hazrati Shoh range of mountains the area is perfect for trekking. Childukhtaron located in the Khatlon region is both a town and a dramatic mountain range in the south of Tajikistan. Today, the Forty Girls of Tajikistan is a local pilgrimage site. Residents from the nearest villages come to decorate the rocks with flowers and ribbons every spring.

Childukhtaron wildlife sanctuary

Established in 1959, the Childukhtaron wildlife sanctuary in the Muminobod District is well worth exploring. Comprising 14,600 ha of hilly roads and valleys, you will need at least two or three full days of trekking.  Dirt biking and four-wheel driving in the area or trekking the nearby Hazrati Shoh range and Yakhsu Valley is truly exciting for those in search of a Tajikistan adventure. The best time to visit the Childukhtaron wildlife sanctuary is in the spring when the hills are at their greenest. The cool weather of the off-season months produces a good climate for hiking and trekking Childukhtaron. A trip to Tajikistan’s Chil Dukhtaron nature reserve and mountains is often combined with a trekking trip to the Seven Lakes of Tajikistan and the Chiluchor Chashma. 

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