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chiluchor chashma - 44 springs

Chasma Chehel Chahor is a lush oasis fed by 44 mountain springs, located just 8 km west of Shahrituz. The 44 springs of Chashma Chehel Chahor feeds running water to several pools. During the summer heat, hundreds of local residents come for relief to this striking oasis in the arid landscape because the spring waters have a reputation for healing various diseases. Primarily, the temperature of the water is 14 degrees around the year. Secondly, the willow and mulberry trees shade the pools, which are both considered beneficial for the health. Thirdly, in the pools inhabit harmless snakes and a type of fish, about trout size, which are allegedly unique to the pools and poisonous to eat. Also, nearby is a wooded area with picnic tables and the swimming areas are separate for men and women. 

Today the Chasma Chehel Chehel is a significant local pilgrimage site. Muslims, particularly women and the elderly come here to pray for healing and to bathe in the warm pools.  The springs are very close to Shahrtuz and Qubodiyon cities as well as a perfect one-day trip from Dushanbe.  There are a bus and marshrutka runs between Shahrituz and Chasma Chehel Chahor several times a day, and more frequently on holidays and at weekends.

Chiluchor Chashma Legend

There are some legends about the springs, though they all have a common theme. Legend tells that Hazrat Ali, the son-in-law of a Prophet, came here with his army.  Because the surrounding area was arid he prayed to Allah to provide them water. In the next morning, Ali’s prayer was answered, and every time he took a step, another spring bursted forth from the ground.  

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