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Sarez Lake 6 days Tour

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What you will see: Panj River and its gorges along the Afghan border /Ancient fortress Karon (III-I century BC) Bartang valley and Sarez Lake fantastic sceneries.  

What you will Enjoy: 
Historical places: museums and fortresses with amazing sceneries of Bartang valley and Sarez Lake and of course the Pamiri hospitality and daily life of Pamiri people with open minds and being happy to talk to foreigners.


Tour Itinerary

After breakfast and full relax meeting with a driver/guide at a hotel/guest-house in Dushanbe and heading to the Pamirs via Kulob. On the way enjoy the views of Nurek Water Reservoir and discover Hulbuk fortress in Vose  with our guide. Overnight in a home-stay in Kalai-Khumb town.

Altitudes above sea level during the day: beginning of  day – 780 in Dushanbe, highest point – 2126 m on Shurobod pass,  end of day – 1295m in Kalai-khumb

Start the day by 8 AM as the driving takes time today. Departing Kalai-Khumb (Darvaz) and heading to Rushan and then Bartang valley. Enjoy the daily life of Afghan people across Panj (Oxsus) River. Take pictures of Afghan villages, in some parts of the road they are very close. 

After passing Rushan district center, we turn left to drive to Bartang valley. From here the road condition is not good. You need to reach Barchadev village before it gets dark as it is the last village you can reach by car. Night in homestay.

Altitudes above sea level during the day: in the beginning of the  day – 1295m in Kalai Khumb, at end of the day – 2900m Barchidev.

In the morning after breakfast and proper rest, we meet with the local guide, who will help you with all logistics (food, accommodation and safety) during your trekking to Sarez Lake,  the highest natural dam in the world 567 m, and back. 

One day you will trek up to Sarez lake 18 km and the second day coming down from there. Usually trekking from Barchadev village to Sarez Lake dam takes 8-10 hours. It is recommended to start at 8-9 o’clock in the morning and get there before the dark. The nature on the way is so beautiful, especially the river that flows from under the rubble of Sarez.  The path is very  narrow at some locations so be sure to mind your step.

On the half way, there is a camping site – Choikhona (tea house), where you can stop for lunch and a short rest.  After reaching the lake, if it we still have daylight, you can enjoy the beauty of the lake surroundings. You can also take pictures and talk to local people – employees of the Ministry of Emergency Situations who work at the station. Night in tent.

Altitudes above sea level during the day: in the beginning of the day – 2900m in Barchidev and end of the day 3623 meter on Usoi dam.

In the morning, you will enjoy the beauty of the lake and get some more pictures.  Go down to the bank of the lake and test the water of Sarez, the water is absolutely transparent and fresh. The guide will tell you the story of Lake Sarez. Coming down from Sarez to Barchadev village is  usually easier for travelers. On the way, we enjoy the beauty of the nature and take even more pictures. The water of the Bartang River is so clean and tasty for drinking. Night in homestay in Barchadev.

Altitudes above sea level during the day: in the beginning of the day 3623 meter on Usoi dam and  at the end of the day in 2900m in Barchidev village.

Heading to Kalai Khumb. On the way stop in Rushan to see Womar fortress and also ruins of Koron Fortress in Rusvai, close to Darvaz district center.

Night in guesthouse in Darvaz.

Altitudes above sea level during the day: beginning of  day 2900m in Barchadev village and at the end of day –  1295meterin Kalai Khumb.

After breakfast, we start driving to Dushanbe through Sagirdasht pass 3252 m and Tavildara district with beautiful fresh landscapes. On Sagirdasht pass, there are no any trees, but very fresh air because of grass, bushes and herbs. In Darband district, we can watch from a distance the construction of the largest hydro power station in Central Asia. The dam of this station will be the highest in the world – 335 meters. Night in Dushanbe.

 Altitudes above sea level during the day: beginning of  day 1295m in Kalai Khumb city, the highest on Sagirdasht pass 3252m and at the end of day –780 m in Dushanbe.

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Get permit to enter Sarez Lake

In addition to possible visa to Tajikistan, you are also required to obtain a GBAO permit and a permit from the Ministry of disaster management which takes usually about 2-3 weeks. For that, we need a copy of your passport, a copy of your visa (depending on your citizenship), and a copy of your insurance. 

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