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3 days tour in Mangystau

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This tour is from Aktau to Aktau. Enjoy exhilarating three-day expedition through Mangistau’s diverse landscapes and geological wonders. Begin by immersing yourself in the surreal beauty of the Valley of Balls at Torysh, where spherical rock formations dot the landscape, resembling a cosmic playground. Journey through time as you explore the Jurassic clays of Kokkala, marveling at ancient sedimentary layers that tell the story of millions of years. Ascend the iconic Sherkala Mount for panoramic views of the surrounding plains and mystical rock formations. Traverse the Valley of Castles at Airakty, where towering sandstone formations evoke the grandeur of ancient fortresses. Explore the depths of Tiramisu Canyon at Kyzylkup, where intricate layers of colorful rock formations create a mesmerizing sight. Admire the striking Bozjyra Fangs and Dragon Crest formations, shaped by millennia of geological processes, before beholding the breathtaking Martian panorama at Bozjyra. Conclude your journey atop Bokty Mount, where sweeping vistas of Mangistau’s rugged beauty await, leaving you awe-inspired by the raw magnificence of Kazakhstan’s natural wonders.

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  1. Valley of balls Torysh
  2. Jurassic clays Kokkala
  3. Sherkala mount
  4. Valley of castles Airakty
  5. Tiramisu canyon Kyzylkup
  6. Bozjyra fangs formation
  7. Bozjyra dragon crest
  8. Bozjyra mars panorama
  9. Bokty mount
Mangustay Valley of balls or the devil's balls
Ybykty say in Mangystau, Kazakhstan

Tour Itinerary

  1. Meetup and Departure: Your adventure begins at 10 AM when you are met either at Aktau Airport (SCO) or your hotel. From there, you’ll set off on an exciting journey.
  2. Valley of Balls (Torysh): Your first stop is the Valley of Balls (Torysh). Here, you’ll find perfectly circular and half-sliced rock formations resembling dragon eggs. You’ll have lunch in this unique location.
  3. Jurassic Clays (Kokkala): Next on your itinerary is a walk through the lilac remnant rocks at Jurassic Clays (Kokkala). This area is known for its interesting geological features.
  4. Sherkala Mount: You’ll continue driving to Sherkala Mount, which has its own intriguing story. Some people say it looks like a yurt, while others compare it to a sleeping lion. Your guide will provide you with more information during the tour.
  5. Airakty Valley of Castles: Your next stop will be the Airakty Valley of Castles. Here, you’ll encounter castle-shaped hills with spires, making for picturesque views, especially during sunset and sunrise.
  6. Camp and Stargazing: Your camp for the night will overlook the castles. After dinner, you’ll have the opportunity to capture the night stars in the clear skies.

As night falls, you’ll have the chance to be enchanted by the mesmerizing starry sky, away from the city lights. It promises to be a breathtaking sight.

  1. Morning Hike to Castles: After breakfast, your group will embark on a hike to climb up to the castles. This promises to be an adventurous and scenic journey with the reward of amazing views of the castles once you reach the top.
  2. Camp Assembly: While the group is exploring the castles, your team will assemble the camp, ensuring everything is ready for your return.
  3. National Park Bozjyra: Next, you’ll drive to the National Park Bozjyra, a natural wonderland with stunning geological formations.
  4. Lunch with Local Cuisine: On the way to the park, you’ll have a quick lunch featuring Horse sausage and different salads, offering a taste of local cuisine.
  5. Bozjyra Mars Panorama: Your first stop within the park is the Bozjyra Mars Panorama. This location is said to resemble another planet with its unique and striking landscapes.
  6. Bozjyra Dragon Crest Top View: Your journey continues to the Bozjyra Dragon Crest Top View. This mount is known for its distinctive dragon crest-like shape and is often likened to a big ship. It’s a unique geological formation.

We’ve had enough for today, and now we’re heading down to the Bozzhyra camping site nestled within the National Park’s stunning canyons. At this campsite, you’ll be treated to a mesmerizing view of the park’s magnificent beige walls. The name ‘Boz,’ signifying the soothing beige hue, and ‘Jyra,’ representing the grandeur of these natural formations, perfectly encapsulate the beauty that surrounds you.

  1. Bozzhyra Fangs Formation: Following breakfast, our journey takes us to the breathtaking Bozzhyra Fangs Formation. You’ll then take a 20-minute walk to reach the Bozzhyra Fangs formation viewpoint. It’s a popular spot within the park, known for its stunning views.
  2. Drive to Bokty mount: After fangs we have 2 hours driving to Bokty mount. You will enjoy a mountain that resembles an overturned ship.
  3. Tiramisu Canyon Kyzylkup: Our next and last stop will be Tiramisu Canyon Kyzylkup. This might be a remote and beautiful location, providing unique landscapes for your adventure. This unique canyon is known for its striped dark brown and white colors, resembling the layers of a Tiramisu cake.
  4. Return to Aktau: It was the last highlight of the tour, now we will return to Aktau, which will take approximately 4-5 hours by car.
  5. Lunch in Zhanaozen: Lunchtime, you’ll arrive in Zhanaozen city, where you’ll have a late lunch. It’s a chance to enjoy a meal and rest during your journey back.
  6. Continuation to Aktau: After lunch, you’ll have approximately 2 more hours of driving ahead of you to reach Aktau city.
  7. Arrival in Aktau: You’re expected to reach Aktau city by 6 PM. Your tour will conclude, and the group will be dropped off at their respective booked hotels or at the airport for those who are departing.

With hugs and farewells, your memorable tour comes to an end, leaving you with incredible memories of the diverse landscapes and experiences you’ve encountered in the Mangystau region.

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Tour updated: 21.2.2024

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