Agalyk mountains and Devsharshara waterfall

Agalyk mountain range

The Agalyk Mountain range is also known as Ohalik and is a picturesque natural landmark located just 15 km southwest of Samarkand in the Agalyksay river valley, meaning it is a good day trip destination from Samarkand. Agalyk range is a spur of the Zeravshan Range, which stretches for 370 km in the territories of Uzbekistan and Tajikistan. Agalyk, located in the area of the village of the same name, has an average height of about 818 meters above sea level. The primary peak of Agalyk and the entire Samarkand region is Mount Kemkutan reaching up to the height of 2178 m.

The flora of the Agalyk massif is quite rich with some vegetation that have a forage value: camel thorn, wormwood, wheatgrass and panicle. There are also apple trees, rose hips, barberries, various types of walnut trees and many types of medicinal mountain herbs. Springtime is the perfect to visit since it is the flowering period of the poppy blossom. The vast poppy fields of this region are striking in their size and beauty during the spring time.

Several sanatoriums have been opened in the villages at the foot of Agalyk range due to the sunny climate and the clean air: the children’s tuberculosis sanatorium and the Agalyk sanatorium have specialized courses of treatment of diseases of the nervous system, cardiovascular system, gastrointestinal tract and other health procedures are performed. 

Furthermore, the Agalyk mountain range is very popular as a destination for hiking of one day and multi day hikes and just for picnics. Because the mountains here are quite low, climbing them is possible even for beginners.

Devsharshara waterfall

The Devsharshara waterfall is hidden from the prying eyes, however, it is revealed by the sound of falling water. The waterfall is settled in a tiny gorge of the mountain and its height is 8 meters. Rocks and intricate shapes allow water to flow intensively into the natural pool below.

Destinations and sights near Agalyk

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