APPT 2024: What to Expect from the Premier Poker Tour in Asia

When one thinks of the Asia Pacific region, poker may not be the first thing that comes to mind. Instead, they think of the region’s rich cultural heritage, diverse cuisines, and breathtaking landscapes that range from sprawling cities to serene countryside. However, for poker enthusiasts, the Asia Pacific Poker Tour is at the top of their things-to-do list when visiting the region. This tour spans multiple countries in the Asia Pacific and, in 2024, stops in Manila. The APPT has an important task — promoting poker as a sport throughout Asia. The tour is about more than just high-stakes poker competitions; it also shines a light on the cultural richness of its host cities. With this year’s tour already underway, we look at its influence on poker in the region and beyond.

Venues and Settings

The APPT is proud to feature best-in-class venues that excel in creating the perfect poker environment, and this year is no different. One of the most notable venues is PokerStars LIVE at Okada Manila, known for its luxury setting and world-class amenities. Conveniently located inside one of Asia’s largest integrated resorts, PokerStars LIVE at Okada Manila offers a backdrop fitting to high-stakes poker and luxury amenities. The tour also includes Asia’s largest indoor beach club, Cove Manila, bringing attendees a unique mix of poker entertainment and resort-style relaxation. More than just venues to host the tournaments, these locations offer players and guests the chance to immerse themselves in the culinary, cultural, and nightlife of Manila.

Tournament Formats and Buy-ins

The APPT offers a selection of poker formats that are sure to please a wide range of poker fans. The most common by far is Texas Hold’em, which has also become popular among those who play poker online. Whether playing VR poker online or at a tournament like APPT, players must master certain strategies if they hope to be successful. One of the most challenging tactics to master is the art of bluffing, which requires reading opponents and using that information to make educated guesses about what they may do next. That’s also true if they’re playing one of the tour’s other poker variations, like Omaha. The availability of poker variants ensures every player can choose a game they’re familiar with. 

The buy-in amounts for these tournaments vary significantly for the same reason. With affordable buy-ins available for amateur fans and high stakes reaching hundreds of thousands of dollars buy-ins for professionals, players of diverse levels can attend the events. This system not only makes competitive poker more accessible for everyone, but it also adds intensity to the experience. 

What Players Can Expect

Poker Tour in Asia

Those who take part in the APPT can expect a highly competitive environment that brings together established pros and eager newcomers from all over the world. In addition to raising the competitiveness of the event experiences, it also boosts its cultural diversity as players share games, techniques, and life experiences. It should be a big, noisy crowd as the majority of players will be drawn by the thrilling poker action as well as the opportunity to tour diverse Asia-Pacific destinations. When you blend these ingredients, the end product is an event that combines the flair of a poker melting pot with the up-and-coming players going head to head with the best in their industry.

Opportunities Beyond the Table

Beyond the felt, the APPT also hosts several side events and socials that help players relax and network. Some of them include casual meetings at local bars and social activities scheduled throughout the host city. For example, in Manila, players can go on guided tours of the city’s historical sites or local cocktail tours, which give a taste of the local culture through traditional drinks and food. Each is designed to guarantee players a wholesome, fun experience to ensure that they remember their trip beyond the poker tables. When players leave Manila after APPT 2024, they’ll almost certainly have made new friends and memories that they won’t soon forget.

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