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National Museum of Kazakhstan

The National Museum of Kazakhstan is the youngest and largest among similar objects located in Central Asia. The complex is located in the capital on the main square of the capital in Independence Square. In the museum presented remarkable archaeological monuments and artifacts are presented here. The museum covers the Kazakh’s history from ancient to modern times and the Hall of Ethnography gives a good penetration into Kazakh nomadic culture. Furthermore, there is the Hall of Astana, Hall of Independent Kazakhstan, Hall of Gold, Hall of Ancient and Medieval History, the Hall of History, Halls of Modern Art. You can also take virtual tour through the official website.

The Museum of the First President of Kazakhstan​

Perhaps you notice that almost everything is named after the lucky guy called Nursultan Nazarbayev. He remains one of the most powerful leaders of the ninth biggest country in the world with large resources of oil and gas and has retained a part of his power even after resignation. The exhibition extends over three floors, the fans, and admirers of genuine Nazarbayev will surely enjoy. As well as others can get somewhat less out of this type of museum. The museum holds a section about the earlier life of the ex-president before he became president, including his career in the Soviet communist party as well as his days as a metalworker in Ukraine and later in the steel combine in  Temirtau and Karaganda.

Astana Military History Museum

The Military-Historical Museum displays items that belonged to Ivan Panfilov, a hero of the Soviet Union. Also, it contains the originals of the letters stating that two of the 28 Panfilovites were awarded the title of Hero of the Soviet Union. As Kazakh heros the museum keeps the personal belongings of Kazakh cosmonauts Aydin Aimbetov and Talgat Musabayev, and even the flag of the air force of Kazakhstan, which flew around the Earth with them more than 150 times.

Museum of Gold and Precious Metals​

To preserve items created form precious stones and metals, the Government of Kazakhstan issued an order to organize the State Museum of Gold and Precious Metals. The exposition was opened in 1990. Initially, it was located in Almaty but in 2000, the museum was moved to the modern Astana. The exposition consists of jewelry from Kazakhstan, collected from ancient for instance here from the era of the early nomads times. New valuable items are added to the museum every year.

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